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  • Latest progression..

    Well, I haven't been able to play around with the Aerox for a couple months now until a 2weeks ago, which is when my latest addon to enhance power further a 120cc Cylinder kit was optained.

    Below is a comparison between the original cylinder and the new Clyinder kit.  I knew my standard cylinder was hurting me makin power but when I finally stripped the cylinder off and took a close look at the ports and piston, I knew I would see nice power gains with new cylinder / /piston kit. Its also a bigger cylinder and piston.

    Original Piston = 52mm

    New Piston = 55mm

    The exhaust and inlet ports are bigger also, expecially the exhaust port, Its large and kinda wide.

    I raised the Aerox of the motor / rear wheel assemble and rested bike on a seat. Things are very easy to work on when apart like this Yes

    Here is a fast scetch of the new cylinder..



    ENGINE MODIFICATIONS :                                                                          MAX SPEED (flat road no wind, head down) (All tests with 98octane fuel and reading taken off speedo)

    Lighter Original Rollers 6g Malossi x 6                                                            80 KPH

    Malossi Red Airfilter on Original Airbox                                                           82 KPH

    Malossi Kevlar Belt (was wider than original 1-2mm)                                        85 KPH

    Malossi Multivar 2000 Variator (larger rollers in it 12gr)                                     90KPH    (Was highest top speed but was bogging under 6000RPM and slow take offs)

    Malossi 9.3gr Rollers                                                                                    85KPH     (Gave me slightly less bog under 6000rpm 55kph, but 5kph less top speed - nicer to ride tho)

    Gianelli Sprint Exhaust                                                                                 85KPH     (I was shocked to find the pipe gave me no extra power, just a better note, this is when I knew standard cylinder is robbing me)

    Malossi Dellorto 22mm PHVB Carburettor Kit 22mm Intal rubber also.              85KPH     ( Grrr Had nicer throttle responce and very more powerful in cold weather somethimes - Cylinder must go.. )

    Malossi White Clutch springs in Orig Clutch.                                                  85KPH     ( Revved to 5500 to grip on and originaly used to grip at 4000rpm - felt slippyer but bit nicer to ride. )

    At this point over the last couple months, the engine at time felt so gutless becaust the cylinder was so old and blocked and also very restictive port size and layout.  Another $200 (cheap) for 120cc 55mm sport kit later and..

    120cc 55mm Sport/Race Cylinder Kit with extra 20cc over stock                     ???120+???Guessing but becaust the engine is only hours old I havent held open throttle very long.. It feels like total rocket .. at 10% throttle Im reaching 80kph and when I give 1-2 secs of full throttle the Aerox totally rockets off.. I'l post results here in  few days when i can test more and engine can be punished more.

    Update: It has been a few days now and I'v been opening up the throttle allot more. I'm in love with my AeroxR 120cc so much more now.. It's gone from sporty Zippy 2stroke scooter to a seriously fast Machine. So with the throttle opened full for about 10secs from 60kph+ then Aerox shot off to 130kph (speedo ran out at 120kph) and there was even more still in it, I just didnt want to keep the throttle open for too long until I start using Synth Oil again and have a chance to go over the whole drivetrain of the scoot to re-tighten and re-adjust all the bolts and make 100% sure carb jetting is ok.

    Its a good thing the Aerox is one of the best handling scooters available, with this new found power and speed. I'v ridden about 6-8 scooters that come to mind, and some of them even didn't feel stable at 60kph, let alone 120-130kph. Yamaha Aerox come with light alloy wheels.Michelin semi-slick tyres, Brembo brakes with 2 piston calipers and braided stainless steel brake lines to prevent brake line ballooning under heavy braking. The Piaoli Suspension systems on the Aerox finish off the handling package nicely with perfect bump/rebound rates (for my weight anyway.. 66kg).