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  • Some new pictures..

    Well.. the Aerox has been going so perfectly and still feels very fast. The next bits I was to put on are a bigger front brake disc and caliper adaptor. I will have to source these from the UK so I may as well order a few more pieces.. maybe Halogen headlights and EGT (exhaust Gas Temp) Guage.

    I am tempted to midify the headlight myself and put in 2 x Halogen lamps and relay. I should be able to mould the Lamps into the headlight internal part that moves with the adjuster screw, therefor stil giving me lamp adjustment, higher and lower.Yes

    If you focus above the rear tail lamp, you'l see I've hotglued in and wired up a bunch of 6 x  high bright red 10mm LEDs. These look very bright from behind and are wired to be on always when engine is runing and headlight switch is 'on' position. I've been running stainless steel braided fuel line and oil lines. I have also modified the exhaust tip of the Giannelli Sprint. I've cut off the end and welded a stainless angles bend to it. I think it looks nicer. lol