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  • Checking your oil (tech level 1 = dead easy)

    Checking your oil is one of the most important periodic maintenance checks you have to make, other than weekly tyre pressure checking, and pre-ride tyre surface checking. It is a fairly simple process on the Milan and I generally check the oil level monthly. All you need is a screw-driver and perhaps a torch or overhead light. I use Shell SX2 2-stroke oil as it was recommended to me by Scooter HQ. DO NOT USE 10W40 oil as recommended by the Chinglish Vmoto manual. There are some 4-stroke Milans sold overseas which use the 10W40 oil, but only 2 strokes are sold in Australia, and hence need 2 stroke motor oil.

    The inspection panel is located just under the seat on the right-hand side of the Milan. If your Milan did not come with flaming skull decals, please refer to your dealer.Big Smile

    Side View 

    You will need to turn the screw with a flat-bladed screw driver until it sits in this angle. I actually worked out that you can just use your ignition key. The screw holding the panel on will be disengaged in this position, and you can pull the panel out with the little handle just to the left of the screw. There are two plastic tabs on the bottom and one tab on the left of this panel.

    Edit: It appears that some years of Milans have a wing-nut (butterfly nut) instead of the screw mine has. Whatever the case, simply keep turning the nut/screw and at some point you will feel no pressure on the screw/nut and you can wiggle it a little. This means it has disengaged from the plastic panel.

    Penal view 

    I found it really hard to take a photo of the bottle displaying the oil level. My oil for this check was a fair way down. The oil is at a good level when it is just below the angled part of the tank (see the dodgy yellow line painted in)  at the front of the bottle as you face the scooter. You want the oil at this level and NOT up to the neck of the bottle because unlike a car, the scooter has some angle when you travel around a corner. If the oil level is too high, then you may get oil leaking out of the top of the bottle and onto your scooter or worse, onto your rear tyre.

    Oil View 

    Use a funnel to make it very easy to add the oil. You want to make sure the funnel is clean first to avoid contaminating your oil.

    Funnel View 

    You will want to hold the funnel up a bit so just the spout is inside the oil bottle on the scooter. This way you can see the oil level when pouring the oil in. Remember that the funnel will continue to drip a small amount of oil when you finish pouring. Allow for this when adding your oil.

    Funnel in bottle 

    Here is about where you want the oil level. The consumption of oil is fairly slow and you will really only need to top up the bottle maybe once a month or even less depending on the amount of kilometres you do on the scoot. Checking once a month should be sufficient.

    Oil level 

    And here is the panel back on again. When replacing the panel, you want to get the screw in the same position it was when taking the panel off. You can view the slotted piece of metal and the slot in the plastic body panel. Make sure the metal piece is on the same angle as the plastic slot in the panel. You want to get the left rear of the panel in first and then simply push lightly on the handle again and it will pop back into place. Position the screw at the angle shown in the photo and you are done!! Congratulations. Yes

    Panel back and finished