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  • Removing the front panel

     Removal of the front panel. This allows access to the headlight bulb, horn, regulator and some other stuff you don't want to touch. Big Smile

    1. Screws on the back of the panel.

      There are also at least 3 screws on the back of the front panel underneath the handlebars. You can see the screws circled in yellow. I think my scoot was missing some of the screws and I am now down to one screw on the upper left. Will have to look at replacing the screws..

    2. Step 1: On the front of the scooter there is a main bolt. Note that there is a bolt going into a spring. This is for adjusting your headlight. Don't touch this one. It is the bigger bolt underneath. Shown in the picture below circled in yellow. Once you get this bolt out, the panel will fall forward slightly.

    3. Headlight plug: Next you will need to unplug the headlight wire circled in yellow

    4. Panel lower tabs: I actually broke the left hand lower tab when I first removed the front panel. The panel still seems to have stayed on so I guess no critical damage. I really don't have a good tip on removing this. Wiggle the panel VERY gently around pushing down slightly and eventually the tab will pop out of the plastic holder.

    5. Headlight view: On the back of the front panel you get access to the bulb. You can see two of the tabs in the folded down position on the bottom of the bulb holder. You can just see the upper tab which I have folded up to remove the bulb holder. I wonder how many times the Chinese metal will cope being folded up and back down again. You should be able to manage to straighten the top one and wiggle the bulb holder out without having to straighten the two lower tabs.

    6. Behind the Panel: Behind the panel you can see lots of wires and stuff. I have circled some pertinent bits.

      Green circle - Wires running out to indicator. Same for left-hand side indicators.
      Blue circle - Headlight plug. Remember to plug this back in when putting it all back together.. he he
      Yellow Circle - horn. Teeny weeny horn with which to protect your life from 4wd-controlling crazies.
      Regulator - device which regulates voltage coming out of your charging circuit (don't know why I circled this now and will need to check it actually is the regulator)

    7. Re-installation of the panel is the reverse of removal. I find it goes back a lot easier if you put the rear screws in first. This pulls the panel into position for the main bolt on the front of the panel. The main bolt is a bit of a pain until you get used to putting it in. Remember to plug the headlight wire back in, otherwise you will get some more practice in removing and re-installing the panel. Stick out tongue