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  • Diagnosis for RatRide - blown exhaust gasket

    Well during the July Scooter HQ run, RatRide faltered and died about 10 kms from the end of the ride. I had a feeling it was gasket related as there was no clanking or bad noise when cranking. And it was cranking over way too quickly and my guess was no compression. Well, it turns out I did indeed fluke the answer and I have a blown exhaust gasket.

    You can see here I have managed to sneak the seat bucket out from under the tail piece. This saves you about 25 minutes disassembling time . First of all you will need to remove the panel from the front of the seat and the two side panels. I will have to do up a blog post on how to do that. First remove the big bolt from the centre of the panel at the front of the seat. The front panel has tabs into the side panels. Push on the front panel in various places where it joins to the side panels. Eventually you will undo the tabs and the front panel will pull towards the front of the scooter.

    There are two big screws in the bottom of the bucket you will need to remove first. You will also need to undo the mounting bolt for the oil tank. Make sure when you remove the mounting bolt, you leave a leg pushed against the tank and keep the tank pushed against the frame during the entire removal process. It is now simply sitting on the scooter frame and will fall off and spill oil everywhere, and you will then be forced to ride to the shops to pick up a new bottle of oil because you had run out and not bothered to get a new bottle yet thinking you didn't need it for a while. And then you have the fun and games of trying to clean up an Exxon Valdez-sized slick with some 2 rags. But I digress...

    The two yellow circles are 10mm nuts you will need to take off. The red circles are two screws you will need to undo. The two blue circles are tabs on the tail piece which fit under the bucket. You need to slip those tabs out from under the bucket. You also need to remove the fuel cap to lever the tail piece whilst trying to lift the rear of the seat bucket over the two bolts that you removed the 10mm nuts from earlier. Be VERY careful here. I am guessing it is fairly easy to force the issue and do damage to your tail-piece.

    So you can see a front-on view with the seat bucket removed. You will note the funky red with black accent (seems to be a common theme for RatRide) bungee chord holding the oil tank on. You DO NOT want that oil container to fall off the scooter. It is very messy.

    And now for a lesson in what a blown gasket looks like. A new gasket has heaps of grey mushy stuff on it as can be seen in most of the gasket. Inside the red circle you can see where the grey part has gone and there is only the hard metal-type part of the gasket. The metal part is fairly bad at providing a good seal especially on the exhaust side which is under more pressure than the inlet side.


    Well, as a further update, I pulled the head off and the original problem I had with gudgeon pin clips letting go and busting up the top end has happened again. My 2003 Milan was the last with the 10mm gudgeon pin. The year after they upgraded to 12mm which is a stronger design. After talking to my scooter shop, apparently some of the 10mm Milan engines had a tendency to let go. So they are looking up a price for a reconditioned Milan engine with 12mm pin. Hopefully that will give me a bit more reliability. I don't mind my scooter looking like crap, but I want the engine to be reliable.

    So stay tuned for a engine replacement blog post. Big Smile