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A guide to selecting spark plugs for your classic Lambretta or Vespa Scooter
10-19-2009 19,574 Download
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This is the flyer for the 2012 Mods v Rockers day to be held in Melbourne on Sunday the 11th November. Please note all Scooters are welcome, not just classics, this is a charity fund raiser with all proceeds...
10-31-2012 980 Download
File Size 204kB
This is the first issue of the "Pace Maker" the Lambretta Club of Australia's quarterly Newsletter. The "Pace Maker" was a dealer special Lambretta Scooter named after Gerry and...
08-25-2011 1,803 Download
File Size 1.4MB
The official Minutes of the Lambretta Cub of Australia 2011 Annual General Meeting and Elections.
07-17-2011 1,494 Download
File Size 127.1kB
The National Classic Scooter Rally 2010 Report
10-17-2010 2,724 Download
File Size 2.1MB
The Press Release for the Melbourne Mods v Rockers day held in November 2010 by the Melbourne Crusaders Scooter Club and the 59 Motorcycle Club, which raised $3,500 for charity.
11-23-2010 971 Download
File Size 129.1kB
01-12-2012 2,498 Download
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50cc 2 stroke motor manual - will suit Chinese motor (V Moto Monza and similar).
10-06-2008 18,214 Download
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04-01-2009 742 Download
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05-12-2009 1,889 Download
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Lighting ADR for "L" class vehicles- motorcycles and scooters
05-15-2009 795 Download
File Size 450.7kB
Full Fuoco Workshop Manual
06-14-2009 757 Download
Honda Today AF61 Manual
06-27-2009 3,561 Download
File Size 1.6MB
Brisbane Motorcycle Parking Map
08-17-2009 21,710 Download
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09-17-2009 1,102 Download
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Jetforce 125 EFI data sheet I have tons of Peugeot cycles tech docs - email me and I'll send you a CD, if ya want.
12-15-2007 3,555 Download
File Size 301.4kB
Peugeot Jetforce Technical Training Manual (3MB+)
12-15-2007 19,992 Download
File Size 3.4MB
This is a document I put together from a post by Scootnfast on the Aprilia forum. It starts out like this: Variator, roller weights and contra spring mechanics for dummies! Learn how it works OK, another...
01-05-2008 2,502 Download
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02-11-2008 1,023 Download
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02-11-2008 1,082 Download
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