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This is the presentation on the Victorian Revised Club Permit (Club Plates) Scheme as made on the 2nd March 2011 at Pugg Mahones in Carlton by the Lambretta Club of Australia Secretary Steve "Snowy"...
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This report is from the Victorian Scooter Riders Association and discusses how Victorian road safety campaigns give negative perceptions and stereotypes of Motorcycle / Scooter riders to Drivers . A consequence...
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Lambretta Club of Australia Inc (LCOA) BBQ & Dyno Day This will be an informal BBQ and Dyno Session open to all Classic Scooterists and held on Saturday 17 th September, commencing 1.00pm at Scooterlabs...
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This is t he December 2011 Issue of the quarterly Lambretta Club of Australia Newsletter “The Pacemaker”. On behalf of the LCOA Committee of Management please allow me to wish all Scooter Community...
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Its renewal (or joining) time for the Lambretta Club of Australia Inc., (LCOA). The once only joining fee is $10 and annual Membership is $40. There are many benefits of Membership as per the attached...
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If you ride a Lambretta or a fan of Lambretta scooters, then come and meet fellow Lambretta enthusiasts and Members of the Lambretta Club of Australia on Sunday the 6th February at Como Park in South Yarra...
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The official Minutes of the Lambretta Cub of Australia 2011 Annual General Meeting and Elections.
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The Press Release for the Melbourne Mods v Rockers day held in November 2010 by the Melbourne Crusaders Scooter Club and the 59 Motorcycle Club, which raised $3,500 for charity.
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The 3rd Annual Mods v Rockers Day held in November 2011 by the Melbourne Crusaders Scooter Club and the 59 Motorcycle Club raised $4,000 for the registered Charity, Ozchild.
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This is the flyer for the 2012 Mods v Rockers day to be held in Melbourne on Sunday the 11th November. Please note all Scooters are welcome, not just classics, this is a charity fund raiser with all proceeds...
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The 6 th November 2011 will see the third Victorian Mods v Rockers charity fund raiser held by the 59 Motorcycle Club and the Melbourne Crusaders Scooter Club on behalf of the charity Ozchild. The last...
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Sunday 4th March - Mods v Rockers DVD Launch A great afternoon and all proceeds going to the Charity Ozchild. This is a Charity Fund Raiser, all Scooters welcome, classics, geared, autos, maxis.
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The National Classic Scooter Rally 2010 Report
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14 APRIL 2013 MEDIA RELEASE The proposed Melbourne Road Safety Plan offers much to Pedestrians and Pedal Cyclists but very little to Scooter and Motor Cycle Riders. In a historic uniting of the forces...
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4 page article from Scooter Magazine #16, Australia, 05/08
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This is the updated flyer for the National Classic Scooter Rally 2010 to be held in Daylesford 2010. With 300 Rally Packs accounted for the event is a sell out and officially the largest Scooter Rally...
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Document "How To Upload Files From Flickr to the VRCA Website"
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