Melbourne Motorcycle Show

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  • 10-07-2007 10:55 AM

    Melbourne Motorcycle Show

    Fantastic, MP3 was awesome, and most stands really helpful to talk too.

    Major disappointment was EMC electric scooters, where the bloke was too busy sleazing onto the model, and wouldn't get up to talk to the 15 - 20 people that were looking at these electric scooters. You'd think that the effort that EMC put into the show that the rep/sales persone would take time to talk about them to interested people. I went back 3 times, and still the same, no help. Big disappointment.

    Most other scooter related stuff was fantastic. 

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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show

    You had the same problem then Dozer?  I found the board next to the scoots had more information :-) . have a story up already on the expo.  See

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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show


    You had the same problem then Dozer?

    Damn it made me agro, the third time I went back, the guy had his arms around the girl and was acting like a sleaze bag. I think as an all electric scooter, this show could have generated a lot of interest, if he wanted to take the time.
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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show

    Its a shame as i think these scooters are ground breakers, I couldnet get anything in Brissie on them and it sounds the same in melbourne, see how i go in sydney hey

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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show

    Allen, try this in Sydney next Month.


    1. Approach the guy

    2. Slap him in the face and say "Do I have your attention"

    3. Tell him he's have 3 shows to bludge and now its time to spill his guts on the electric scooters, before there's mass letters sent to his boss detailing him sitting on his *** for 3 shows.

    4. Post the info here.



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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show

    Is the Sydney Show part of the Australian International Motor Show? I can't find anything on that Motor Show website.

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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show

     make that 4 shows, i don't think i saw them once talk to anyone at the perth show. i was on the stand next to them.

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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show

     Probably been told by a large oil company to sit down and shut up, if you know what I mean.

    Crush the new technology. I reckon EMC will be bought out by BP, or Shell and completely shut down.


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    Re: Melbourne Motorcycle Show

     Likewise, I loved the show overall, a couple of the stands let their product down, either by not paying attention to people wanting more information, or by trying to get overly friendly with the promotional girls, or in one stand by the promo girls themselves :(

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was really irked by the EMC approach to the expo, I found their behaviour completely unprofessional and will never buy any of their products as a result.  I know some may consider that harsh, but is it too much to ask that  you actually look interested in your product, letalone treat visitors as potential customers?  The staff on the Yamaha display were only too happy to chat with me and answer my questions (even my more technical ones!) which impressed the hell out of me as they knew their products really well!

    Overall I still liked the show, even if I didn't win the BW100 lol

    Cheers :) 


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