50cc struggling uphill.

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  • 04-09-2010 06:24 PM

    Stick out tongue [:P] 50cc struggling uphill.

    Gday everyone, 

    I have a vmoto milan 50cc scoot. stock all round except  It has had a spacer taken out of the variator and does 65+ on the flat, about 85 downhill, but struggles to get over 40kmh uphill.  Today i put in some dr pulley 4 gram sliders (7g is stock im told). I am a bit dissapointed with the results but maybe i was expecting to much.  the scoot is lovely to ride and pulls all the way to 65+kmh without any hesitation but i am still stuggling uphill - its alright if i have momentum but generally it just sounds like it needs to change to a lower ratio, its not reving out.  Do i need to bite the bullet and look to upgrade the intake and exhuast or do i need to change the contra spring? i am a bit confused as to what they do and what rpm rating i would need.  if it helps i weigh about 70kg



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    Re: 50cc struggling uphill.

    I think your expecting too much out of a 50cc scooter. What you wish to achieve is why they make larger engined scooters.

    Majesty YP 250 plus. "the way to go".
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    Re: 50cc struggling uphill.

    i realise what they are meant for and what they can do..

    what can i say that hasnt all ready been said about that?

    i was more so asking about what effect a contra spring upgrade would have on my scoot in its current setup.  

    what i wish to achieve is to ride up hills faster on my 50cc



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    Re: 50cc struggling uphill.

     How bigs the hill

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    Re: 50cc struggling uphill.

    My little milan seems to go up hills just fine

    if you want yours to scream up hills let me know

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    Re: 50cc struggling uphill.

    nice jigger, mines black too:)

    the hills are moderate, nothing special.  it just doesnt wanna rev out up hills at all.  I thought the 4gram sliders would make a difference here but they havent.  do i need to pipe and jet it?  can you post the specs of your milan please wax?? 

    they are nice lil things to get around on..  i scrape hard parts cornering all the time! - its nearly more fun to ride than my kawa 750 :)

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    Re: 50cc struggling uphill.

    Ok no prob

    70cc motoforce kit

    v-force reed

    yasuni city 16

    delorto 19mm

    ported cases 

    malossi variator 

    It pulls power stands all the time, in fact keeping the front wheel on the ground is the challenge, personally next time i would have gone for a lower reving pipe as this one pulls about 10 k and its a bit high for cruising but it makes it get up and go

    It has a different front end on it so it will stop , but I never lay this thing right down , I have another scooter for that 


    You can find the build up thread of my Milan here

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