Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

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  • 07-05-2010 12:33 AM

    Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    I am on my first trip OS since being scooterist.

    Being somewhat obsessed here are some observations.

    Shanghai, despite its amazing brand new city buildings - really incredible day and night and amazing underground train system, is full of all sorts of the most crappy scooters you would ever see. These people deserve some healthy pay rises over the coming years. Not a Vespa in sight. But many scooters, petrol, electric and mopeds (push bikes with motors) and push bikes. I was impressed with the consideration the two wheeled transport was given. Dedicated lanes on all but the most major roads and in some cases dedicated two wheel roads.

    As for safety, well. Cabbies dont wear seat belts. And you guessed it no one wears helmets except the cops. And they were a joke. Looked like something Bob the Builder wears. Smoking and talking on mobile phones was common place while riding.

    And now in Paris. Helmets must be compulsory here. Not much other safety gear is worn though. But the scooters are all generally the Maxi body sort. I have seen the biggest 125,s ever. Piaggio reigns. Heaps of MP3,s 125 250 and 400. Yamaha XMax 125's. Honda S Wing 600 and 400. And a scattering of Vespas with the tall screen to make them look bigger I think. The colour here is black. Not many motorbikes at all. Maybe no more than 5%. Rather than a big motorbike big looking scooters are in.

    I better go off with the family, check out the Notre Dame. It is a hot 30c degrees. 

    I will try and load some photos.

    Niks would be at home in Paris with his Majesty. Not many Scarabeos, Jobbie. Maxis rule in Paris.


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    • petegailey
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice


    I will try and load some photos.





    Daelim NS 125: Mighty 1st scoot from Korea that punched way above its weight. Sold
    Vespa GTS 250: Modern Retro brilliance. I'll ride it til it dies.Traded in on a maxi.
    Suzuki DR650: "That Thing" Excellent Single 650 thumper chook chaser that was too tall. Sold
    Yamaha T Max: Best Maxi out there and serious canyon racer. Sold
    Triumph Bonneville: Modern Retro brilliance with the sweetest parallel twin.
    BMW F800R: The Naked Hun. Great intro into sports bikes.
    Gilera Runner FXR 180: 2 stroke scooter missile from Piaggio.
    Gilera Nexus 500. Sexy like red Italian stilettos.
    Yamaha RZ250RR: Retro Japanese 2 stroke racer.
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

     some good observations there Yes

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    • dbm
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

     When's the Roman Holiday?

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    • niks
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    Sounds like a great trip Nikko, look forward to some majesty photos driven by french chicks, dont forget to show them my scoot on this forum LOL

    Majesty YP 250 plus. "the way to go".
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    I cant get the insert thing to work. So links to photobucket only. So far. I will  persist.


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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice


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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

     Great pictures What are those shiny top boxes made from Big Smile

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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    Hi Pyrah. Top boxes were made of something like a tin can tin substance. 

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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    Here in Nice, French Riviera, there are more smaller scooters. Lots of buzz boxes. Small Kymcos and SYMs and Vespas are everywhere. There are still the Maxi 125's and heaps of Yamaha's (XMax & TMax). The more I see those black TMax's the more I like them. 

    No safety gear here except the helmet (95% open faced at that). I have spotted a few riders wearing gloves but they are on motorbikes and the larger scooters. The weather is warm (28c) but humid.

    I'll take some pics and post soon. 

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    • Ben50
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    Make sure you hire a scoot and do the ride from Nice to Monaco...very good! Just don't go past the casino in Monaco...there is s vehicle resitrction and you will get pulled over by the police. It happened to me while doing a few laps of the GP circuit!! The police were very nice though!!

    When you go through the tunnel at Monaco you will see how insane it is to have an F1 race there!!

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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    These scooter in Shanghai with green plate  are the LPGs 

    Shanghai only allow these scooters use LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas) as fuel for eco reason. and people need to get these GY6 scooter from gov own factory.  the retail price of these scooters are around 1,100 USD 

    and these are not motorcycle. so LPG scooter only can ride in non motor vehicle lanes.

    because the engine is designed for gasoline. The LPG will never burn completely in the cylinder. It's not eco at all. but still far more better then some very old 2t scooter. 

    Fortunately, these scooter are not allowed to get new plate anymore. so this  tragedy will ended in 2013.

    09 Feb - 09 Dec 80cc LPG scooter
    09 Dec - Now Aprilia Sport City one 125

    I Love Scooter! = 我爱踏板车
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    • Tony M
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    Now I get it after looking through the photos, Shanghai & Paris. At first I thought there was a place in Paris called Shanghai


    Been Scooterin' since March 2010. Bought a Kymco Super 8 125 & love it!!!
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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

    Ben you are braver than me. Plus scooter hire is expensive. Like $90 aud for half a day for a 125cc Xmax. Cars are cheaper. It is frustrating though as you point out the road to Monaco is spectacular.

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    Re: Scooters - Shanghai Paris Nice

     More photos. All taken in Nice South France. Not far from Italy.

    This guy did the right thing. Got off this Tmax before he texted.

    Pretty Mio,s here too.

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