Interesting Experience

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    Re: Interesting Experience


     if you're riding along a road & a yobbo runs across the road straight at you looking like he's going to drag you off the scoot or do something violent is it legally acceptable to kick his legs out from under him as you pass by?  Ick!

    My heart is still hammering it was so bloody close. I screamed like a banshee yelling at him him to go forth & procreate (putting it mildly) but I'm sure it would only have made him laugh. Angry


     Wink Nothing is illegal until you get caught Angel

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    Re: Interesting Experience


     oh what a shame, and I was going to suggest that the macarena was probably the "in" tune for air horns these days, or perhaps for lovers of the madagascar movies, "I like to move it"


    I think the theme from "jaws" might be more appropriate  to put the wind up the car drivers , i have a very LOUD Stebel air horn on the GTS which will wake the dead if blown within 500mtrs of a cemetery  but i don't know whether its effective  on the car drivers because when i sound it the car driver automatically  looks up expecting to see a Mack or a Kenworth , i hope they think to look down to see the little red Vespa


    Red ones always go faster but blue ones go pretty quick , but now blue ones are the way to go😄
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    Re: Interesting Experience

     was thinking of putting a cop siren in my piece of *** 200 dollar car,, nothing else works on it anyway,,h but the engine does ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i use it for commuting IF it rains

    i cant explain myself im afraid sir, because im not myself you see
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