Jettin Exhaust on a GTS

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    Re: Jettin Exhaust on a GTS

    I couldn't live without one. I reckon that buying a quality scoot like the GTS was good bang for buck.

    +1 Yes (or YEAH what he said Big Smile)

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    Re: Jettin Exhaust on a GTS

     audio file anytime soon?

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    Re: Jettin Exhaust on a GTS

     Fitting the open after market exhaust has caused the popping there is a drawing of fresh air back up the pipe and this is part of the problem, there are other causes, some unburnt fuel in the exhaust.

    When you close the throttle on decel there is injector cut on this type of injection, so no PM tuning module, Malossi lambda controler will fix this

    When you are on decel and you move the throttle ever so slightly the injection can go from injector cut to injecting some fuel, this will introduce fuel to there already oxygen rich after market exhaust causing popping.

    There is alot of talk around adding after market computer systems but no proof they realy work and in some cases there design suggests they cant make a difference, other than for a very small fixed part of the fueling MAP. I'm yet to see the rough idle trimed out and low idle speed fixed.

    If you go down this road then it will cost you money and if you can convince yourself you have made a difference then maybe it was money well spent.

    A good after market exhaust is a great addition to the look and sound of your scooter, its a personal thing enjoy that and remember you changed the scooter from what the manufacturer has built so it wont be the same and the changes wont always be correct.



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    Re: Jettin Exhaust on a GTS

    i love the popping sound from the exhaust on the vespa. i have a lv on the vespa. it is great., especially when i take the baffle out. Devil

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    Re: Jettin Exhaust on a GTS

     Also there is usually a weight saving from fitting an aftermarket system

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    Re: Jettin Exhaust on a GTS

     I got the akrapovic, its very sexy and improved performance. The note is superb. I have a little popping from 5the back sometimes, sounds cool I recon!

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