Indian or Chinese

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    Indian or Chinese

    Idea Hypothetical really but both countries economy's are doing well & both have scooter industries . Would you like Indian scooters in Australia from the likes of  Hero , HMSI , Mahndra TVS replacing some off the Chinese brands or will there quality be worse than the Chinese offerings Big Smile

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    Re: Chinese or Indian


    I'm going to say for now, neither. But long-term, Chinese. China's more advanced economy leads to access of more advanced technologies. Established brands (not just scooters) produce many high end products in China, not just because of the cheaper labour and the huge workforce, but also because of access to high end technology, resources and R&D, examples include Mercedes and BMW and most major European and Japanese auto brands, all of which have huge operations in China. 

    These companies have not expanded in India to the same extent as they have in China primarily due to the fact that the Indian government does not commit the same level of political will to the development of policy and infrastructure which supports foreign direct investment. Ultimately this means that manufacturing has grown at a significantly higher rate in China, and so, over time, has the quality of products. The domestic producers in India have not benefited from their exposure to foreign manufactures to the same extent as in China. I think this trend will continue. The Chinese brands will out-pace their Indian counterparts. 


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    Re: Indian or Chinese

    I don't trust Indian manufacturing any more than Chinese, but I know I'd rather do business with Indians than Chinese. I think that's all I can safely say on this topic :)

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    Re: Indian or Chinese

    What an interesting topic.  I teach students from a wide range of backgrounds, including both chinese and indians, about business leadership, and its interesting how much their inherent attitudes toward business practices differ, much of which I suspect is culturual and/or based on experience.  Practices which we would consider exploitative are far more "accepted", and indeed many of the students have experienced them first hand (often working here in Aus in part time jobs!!).  Interestingly just because their experience normalises such practices, it doesn't mean that individually they don't consider them ethical, they just haven't been equipped with the "toolset" of being able to deal with such to prompt change.

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    Re: Indian or Chinese

    Would importing well-made Indian bikes be any cheaper than the... let's say, thailand counterparts from the jap manufacturers?

    The chinese ones are cheap mainly because assemblers spend less on QA / defect resolution. You find a defect... you can either:

    A) Keep using the part as is, as it only happens 10% of the time, so some poor sucker at the end of the day gets a lemon.

    B) Spend the dosh, delay the project, send engineers to the manufacturer and help resolve the problem, document it, and fix the manufacturing process until it only happens once in a blue moon. Set up warranty/servicing plan to help those who get faulty products.

    I reckon if we only plan to give a brand peanuts for a bike... they'd go with A).

    So we'd still get the same crap irrespective of where it comes from (India / China) if we're only paying peanuts for it. The $2000 Tata Nano is a good example.... The thing caught fire!!!



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    Re: Indian or Chinese


    India has a L O N G history of making+ marketing small engined vehicles.

    Those of you older folk will remember that it wasn't that long ago that China was under the yolk of Maoism and vehicles were seen as a Bourgeouis frippery....except carts etc . Read Hugh Lunn's excellent description of Peking in the 60's in "Spies Like Us", for example, where the only vehicles were hand carts and army trucks.

    Again, India has had little Vespas clones/knock -offs/ trucks etc , all of which have been competing in a hot market place, since independance. This alone would make me think that the Indian product, while not being as advanced as the Chinese product, could well be the more solid + reliable item.

    One test will be how well these ( LVL ?? LML??) old style Vespa knock-offs go here in Oz....and so far so good.


    I'm particularly keen on an armful of these from India.........diesel powered 50's style English bikes , that'll be your definition of gutless right there....


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    Re: Indian or Chinese

    I remember there was the Enfield-Robin diesel  140 plus miles per gallon but a wee bit slow Geeked

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