WA, RE-A to R-A

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  • 11-05-2012 07:45 PM

    WA, RE-A to R-A

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to see if anyone can answer this - I've held my WA RE-A since Aug 2011 - now that I've passed 12 months do I automatically qualify for an R-A or do I have to sit another practical on a >250cc Auto?  Reason I ask, I just received my DL renewal bill saying I'm now classed as C(manual car) + R-A? I'm possibly thinking of learning gears to go fully unrestricted but may hold off if I can simply just upgrade my ride without a test...If anyone knows - I'd appreciate it, I checked the DPI website and it wasn't clear.




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    Re: WA, RE-A to R-A

     1. you need to re-do the test in order to gain your open class license. HOWEVER we will be having the same licensing system as NSW (LAMS) come in soon so you will be able to ride any automatic bike that falls into the LAMS list of acceptable machines for learners. I did read something somewhere that said riders who have the RE license when LAMS comes in will still be restricted to <250cc, however a GOOD source of information suggests otherwise.

    2. I had the same burst of hope when receiving the license renewal, in that it indicated that the form clearly showed I had an open manual license. Unfortunately when the license card came through I was back to automatic. I double checked with the licensing center just in case but no luck.Sad

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