I've identified my problem with the 946. It's not that it wil be $12,990 ride away
... though that does give me pause.
It's me. More to the point, it's me as a small, square-ish, middle-aged celtic male.


See, if I had the wherewithall buy a green Ferrari 246 GTS (my favourite, even over the SWB 250), everyone would know I'm a middle-aged bloke with ego issues and probably a small .. idea of self .. but the car would still be a Ferrari, with all those swoopy gorgeous lines .. coz this middle-aged square celt would be entirely inside those lines.


On a 946, my definitely-not-male-model figure, short stature and middle age would actually marr the lines of the scoot. So I don't think I can get one, at least until I can become a young, tall, stylish rider ... and while I can never become the first two, the third is even further out of my reach ...