SR 50 Ditech

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  • 11-06-2013 09:55 AM

    SR 50 Ditech

    Hi Will a SR 50 Ditech reach 80 kmh and whats the name of the model that use a carbinsteadof fuel injection ? Thanks .

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    Re: SR 50 Ditech

    John Derbi made a 50cc road registered race scooter and with it just derestricted it did an indicated 111 kph

    And there is still 1 for sale new! $3500ish


    Derbi GP1 250i a properly fun scooter. Now totally renewed, rebuilt, run in, run Hard and now sold.
    Its name...The Flamenco Dancer by SOLD

    Now on a brilliant Yellow Suzuki SV650 NUDIST crumbs it don't half shift!


    And remember boys and girls,

    Stock is BEST!
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    Re: SR 50 Ditech

     Devil But off course to do these speeds here it would need LC compliance & a rider with a  motorcycle license in the moped on a car license State's/Territory Big Smile

    SR 50 R was the non direct injection model

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    • allen
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    Re: SR 50 Ditech

    The SR 50R will reach 80 and the DiTech model needed a few mods to do this. Was by a gameboy, now it is with Aprilia special tools. Plus you needed to take the other restriction out of the transmission.

    Current carby model will again do the 80 km/h but only after restriction removal. Needs to be performed by somebody who knows what they are doing.

    Biggest problem if you are buying a 50 like this. Expectation is you will do 80 km/h everywhere, you will not.  You will not do 80 km/h up hills and if you ever want to double someone, the speed again will be a problem.

    Great scooter, fun to ride and even more fun to play with.

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    • dbm
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    Re: SR 50 Ditech

    The Ditech was capable of a speedo 80 in ideal conditions. From a traffic light start it would surprise a lot of drivers. There was one in Brisbane that was very very quick. Unmolested of courseBig Smile

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