Best 2014 scooter BFYB

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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB  Sorry, I misspelt it.


    2014 Honda NSS300 Forza
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    • Oliver
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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    +1 for the SYM HD200

    I have a similar criteria as you when looking for a scooter. I have a steep hill on the ride home and my SYM VS150 manages a bit under 80kph up the hill, and about 95 tops on the flats.I know the SYM HD200 would perform much better.

    SYM VS 150
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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    Hi Kevin,


    Thanks for letting me know about the Nolan. 

    Flips are just so handy, when talking and putting the helmet on, in open position its quite easy to do both. My ears tend to ring after wearing the helmet due to wind, even with ear plugs as the plugs fall out when I try to get my helmet on.

    The moulded ear plugs with bluetooth speakers seem to be the go.


    Can anyone suggest a good, light, and wind resistant helmet?? Also one that has a wider, and/or higher outlook?




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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    I'm 168 cm and 94 kilos.

    i just paid under $4000 for a brand new Kymco Like 200i, I rode it up to Springbrook today with no dramas at all. 

    I ride it from Coomera to Broadbeach Monday to Friday and it sits on 100klms on flat roads no worries, mind you I'm still breaking it in and it seems to be getting faster. 

    I love mine.

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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

     I can't speak enough praise for my HD200.  I've now clocked up close to 4000km on mine without a single hiccup. 

    I borrowed a Scab 200i a little while back while mine was in for service and it certainly didnt feel as nice to ride as mine.  The GO is similar.  Mine felt like it had more pull through the mid range between 50 and 80kph.  Mine will do an idicated 130kph with maybe a little more to go but I wouldn't want to be holding that all day.  100kph is very capable. 

    I also found the screen height on the Scab 200i to be a nightmare.  I'm about 6 foot tall and I found the wind pummelled my head.  So much so that after my 25min ride back to collect my bike my neck was hurting and I had a headache.  The HD200 doesn't have a tall screen so the wind hits you in the chest which is very manageable. 

    I have said it before, the only reason I would actually upgrade from the HD is to go a maxi scooter with bigger capacity.  For a city scoot with some freeway driving its awesome

    Started out with a Zip 50. Now moving on to a HD 200. Wonder what's next....?? Not wondering any more.... TMAX!!!!!!
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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    Hi Everyone,


    This is for anyone who knows,

    Does anyone know where to purchase lighter rollers and variator for a Daelim S1 ????

    My local place cant find them anywhere for a Daelim S1 (2013) ..!!

    CAN ANYONE HELP WITH THIS ENQUIRY?? Lead runner? Allen? Anyone??


    Thanks in advance.  Big Smile


    Always wanting more power...
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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    The right sized rollers are 20x17 at 8.5grams according to my googling skills - if you put in sliders, go a gram lighter.


    4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    Yep 20x17 try SIP


    should find them here

    Derbi GP1 250i a properly fun scooter. Now totally renewed, rebuilt, run in, run Hard and now sold.
    Its name...The Flamenco Dancer by SOLD

    Now on a brilliant Yellow Suzuki SV650 NUDIST crumbs it don't half shift!


    And remember boys and girls,

    Stock is BEST!
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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    Thanks for the find Wombat. :)

    I still can't find a supplier for the parts though. I tried your website Lead runner, but they don't have anything for the Daelim S1. 

    I'm stuck and don't know where to start. 

    Always wanting more power...
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    Re: Best 2014 scooter BFYB

    lead runner:

    Yep 20x17 try SIP


    should find them here

    Group buy on SIP-SCOOTERSHOP, save on shipping...Whos for it!? I need some Malossi/Pollini performance stickers! 

    Yuminashi Pcx 164cc can of whopass!
    Ex Takegawa Pcx 170cc
    Ex Today 94cc Kitaco
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