pumps for scooters

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  • 06-26-2014 04:37 PM

    Idea [I] pumps for scooters


    Hi all i hate useing the hose at the local petrol station so could i use a standard push bike pump on my scoopy ?or any of my scooters for that matter ?

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    Re: pumps for scooters

    Not sure if it would give the required pressure. I use a car pump at home - the sort that you hold in position with one foot while pumping. I also carry a small pump bought at a motorcycle shop, but have never had to use it yet.



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    Re: pumps for scooters

    A standard bicycle pump will fit the valve, but the pressure's not the problem. Scooter tyres run 28-32 psi, bikes run 40+. It's the volume of air you'll struggle with. You'd have to pump all day to get anywhere. A car foot pump takes up about the same volume of space as a spray can.

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    Re: pumps for scooters

    I've got one of these as part of my touring kit, about $60 4 or 5 years ago at Repco  works well.On a scoot though you would have to rig an easy to get to power source mine plugs straight into my battery tender pigtail.

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    Re: pumps for scooters

    I have a big bicycle pump in my garage that I use regularly for motorbike tyres. Its the stand up type like this:

    Top ups don't take long.



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    Re: pumps for scooters

    Let's see i have a compressor in the garage foot pump in the car & a tiny electric one under the bike seat . All work well the foot pump quickest to use if just topping the tyre up a few psi


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