Info wanted on road condition,

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  • 02-08-2015 10:39 AM

    Info wanted on road condition,

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me what the road is like after you leave Thunderbolt Way at Nowendoc? The road then goes through Brackendale and goes to Walcha. I am doing a ride up the New England area, and looking at a few alternate routes. I'll be on a Burgman 400. Thanks

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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    If you can make contact with a local NRMA serviceman they can normally give you the answers

    Also my directory shows 2 roads one to the east which I take to be dirt and the one to the west which shows bitumen and is slightly longer

    Also getting to Nowendoc could be on some dirt according to my map

    Have a safe and happy trip and hope to catch up soon and behave yourself in "Swinging" WALCHA


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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    Google streetview may seems Thunderbolts Way is tar in the few places I looked..The overheads show it to be tar all the way to Walcha


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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    Tempest, thanks for that.Thunderbolts way is definitely tarred for it's full length, though quite lumpy in places. But the road I am looking at is the road that leaves Thunderbolts at Nowendoc and goes through a place called Brackendale up to Walcha. I have a directory that shows it as sealed, but also a roadmap that says "surface unspecified". There is no google streetview available.

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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    G'day Rod. Thunderbolts way is fully sealed, but the other road you mentioned is the one I want to know about. I was hoping someone had ridden it. I want the opinion of two-wheelers. Hope to catch up with you and the mob on the 19th.  GH


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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    I've done the Thunderbolt on a 250cc X7 and a Postie (and a pushbike!) ... Going north from Nowendoc is a lot easier than getting there. There is a serious climb starting around Giro Rd that a small-engine bike should take its time doing-- but a Burgie shouldn't even break a sweat.

    If you're returning the same way, that Giro Rd area is a massacre on brakes! ... Take lots of cool-down stops.

    I love camping at the Memorial Hall... :)

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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,


    thunderbolts way is a great ride. Bitumen from the Pacific Hwy to Walcha and beyond. The road rises fairly sharply

    (about 550 Mts) from Bretti reserve to Thunderbolts lookout. This is seriously spectacular country and the Burger will love it.

    About two years ago I detoured in the campervan and came down what I think was Brackendale rd. It was all dirt

    but having said that it was a designated school bus route and as such, not bad as dirt roads go.

    there are great eatery's at Gloucester, Walcha and Uralla and good fuel in these towns.

    this area is a riders paradise. It's scenery, roads, weather and people combine to make it

    one of the top rides in this country. Enjoy

    Cheers Rev

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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    Hi Major 'your bum may well be sore after this..',

    You'll love the ride, CWC did it ast year, scoll through these posts for more info.

    I don't recall ever having to traverse dirt roads except for the odd bits of new road work going on. And the surface seemed OK all the way. Tony was on a Burgman 400 and had a great time as we all did.

    Here's some GPS tracks of the weekend that may help. This shows (blue) the whole ride we did with the ride up through Knowendoc to Walcha.

    Copy the image address and open in a new tab for full size.

    And this zoomed in a bit on the to Walcha leg. Copy the image address and open in a new tab for full size.

     According to my maps, everything either side of Thunderbolts in this area ends in dirt and/or the mddle of nowhere.

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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    Thunderbolts Way has been fully tarred for many years and more and more people are using it instead of the New England Hwy. The road surface is generally OK though there are a couple of sections on the steep bits around Giro State Forest that are still under repair. Speed limits are quite variable on this section too. The road from Nowendoc, through Brackendale to Walcha is dirt but easily do-able on a scooter at a sensible speed. I have no problems doing dirt roads on a scooter but if you're not comfortable on dirt stick to Thunderbolts Way - keep your eye out for wombats north of Nowendoc at dusk or at night. An alternative route from Walcha to Armidale is to go west to Walcha Road (has a pub), turn right (north), heading for Wollun and Kentucky, stopping at the general store there for a coffee (or lunch), then turn left (west) at the top end of Kentucky village and head for the New England Hwy, then north to Uralla, Armidale etc. All tar and virtually no traffic on the minor roads.

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    Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    Thank you, Scooter Rev, Eccles, ..., and Gaje. All good info, and just what I needed.

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