Trade ins

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  • 09-02-2015 06:02 PM

    Trade ins

    Hi all

    Yesterday I was in Parramatta at a bike Shop and they had a nice 2011 Tmax

    I rode the virago down and so I asked how much I would get on a trade in. ?

    He said $1000 so I said how much for my 2007 Burgman?  SAME PRICE. !  $1000.

    So on a $9000 Tmax all I would get for my virago and Burgman is $2000 I expected about $1500 for the virago but the real kicker was $1000 for the Burgman

    The truth is was only just seeing what I'd get because I don't wont to sell either of those Bikes but now I know there would be no point tradeing  them.

    EVER. !! 



  • 09-02-2015 06:06 PM In reply to

    Re: Trade ins

    Sorry guys for those that don't know my Burgman is the 400


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    Re: Trade ins

    Well yeah trade-in is always going to be a rip-off. Then again, considering how hard it can be to sell a scooter sometimes... Look at it this way: you're paying for the convenience, and for getting rid of your old ride so you can get that new toy you absolutely must have :)

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    Re: Trade ins

    It shows how we are being ripped off and nicely demonstrates why you'd have to be a bit silly to buy brand new when they get such a huge haircut the second vehicles are driven off the lot.

    Let some other mug take the depreciation hit I say.

    I wonder what the trade in value of the Tmax would be if you take it in after a week?

    2014 CFMoto Jetmax 250. (sold)
    Now a Burgman 650 owner

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    Re: Trade ins

    That really is interesting has anyone traded a Tmax. ?

    If so would you tell us how much you were offered or did receive please 

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    Re: Trade ins

    You have a Virago and a Burger 400 which presumably are getting you from A to B

    A T max wont get you there in greater style comfort or speed so why the heck would you even contemplate trading

    There are con men in every bike shop just waiting for guys like you

    Now if you had a 50cc scooter and wanted to move up you might have some justification and you would probably find the trade in would be $500 because that salesman can probably flog a 50cc off to some other unsuspecting sucker much easier at say $1000 --"Do you have your Mastercard or Visa with you "

    Dont be a mug and stick with what you have

    riding for fun
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    Re: Trade ins

    Maybe you should read the post again Rod I believe I said I had no intention of getting the. Tmax.! 

    I was there and I was curious. Ok. ?

  • 09-03-2015 03:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Trade ins

    Sorry if you thought I was trying to bust your baloon We all have dreams of wanting something new --Mine is winning Oz lotto and I keep buying tickets

    But honestly $1000 for a Burger 400 --I wouldnt go back there again-------- Happy riding

    riding for fun
  • 09-03-2015 06:45 PM In reply to

    Re: Trade ins

    $1,000 is the dealer's way of telling you he doesn't want your trade-in. I was talking to a guy last week who was trading in his BA Falcon (2006 ish) and the dealer offered him a grand. The same car in better condition is selling privately for 5-6 grand.

    4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
  • 09-04-2015 10:21 AM In reply to

    Re: Trade ins

    Some salesmen have a fuinny way of putting it

    I prefer to deal with someone who tells you openly that they dont want my scooter /whatever for such and such reason

    However if I am desparate to get rid of whatever they will take it off my hands for $1000 or some other figure

    That way I am not being insulted with a figure way below my expectations of what might be reasonable


    riding for fun
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    Re: Trade ins

     Nothing new really JP.    I got offered $500 trade in for my HD200 which I sold privately for $2500.  It's just what happens when ever you go to trade.  Had the same with my car, $8000 trade, sold it for $14200. 

    They bank on you really wanting something they have and not wanting to go through the hassle of private sales. 

    Started out with a Zip 50. Now moving on to a HD 200. Wonder what's next....?? Not wondering any more.... TMAX!!!!!!
  • 09-14-2015 07:09 PM In reply to

    Re: Trade ins

    Hi Zip

    Iv'e never traded anything in before and had no clue about what goes on.

    It really opened my eyes and I mean it when I say I'd have to be desperate to ever trade a bike in because I can't afford to lose that kind of money i'll waite and sell private.

    Look at the difference between the offerings they gave you and what you ended up getting yourself.

    $500 for a HD 200 Hell if I don't stop now ill go on page's.

    Cheers Zip

  • 09-15-2015 07:45 AM In reply to

    Re: Trade ins

    In defence of the dealer, if he sells at dealer rates (say  25% over profit) he's still got a lot of work to do, and it's all at employee-by the hour rates


    Dealer paperwork is more thorough as a dealer sale is guaranteed clean (no finance liens, not stolen, written off all discovered and disclosed etc)

    Dealer's got to operate his yard (electricity, water and council rates, even if he does own the land)

    Provide a Roadworthy most of the time

    They're sharks, sure enough, but a shark's gotta eat, too.

    4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
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    • SteelMoon
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    Re: Trade ins

    It is better to sell it privately, than a trade in of another scooter, would probably lose a lot of value over time of ownership.

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