upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

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  • 12-23-2015 10:41 PM

    upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

    Hi all - am hoping for advice and suggestions. I've been riding for about 2 years now and still consider myself a novice. Absolutely loving it commuting to work but have now discovered the joys of longer distance rides and weekend trips away. Now looking forward to a ride around Tassie; the mountains etc. The last trip of around 450km each way was a breeze comfort wise but my poor scoot was struggling up the hills dropping back to around 75km with nothing more to give.

    I love the big wheels and being tall the hd200 is a good fit except it would be nice on the long rides to be able to stretch out the legs a bit; am hoping to find something with ABS and traction control - black ice here in winter is always on my mind.

    Anyone have any suggestions on an upgrade - anything over 300cc is the same cost to register as a car but I am prepared to keep my baby (sym) and only register the other one for the summer if I get something bigger.  Considering the BMW and the Burgmann *2014 I think has the bigger wheels.  But worried that jumping from the hd to a 650cc might be a bit too much to cope with.



  • 12-24-2015 08:52 AM In reply to

    Re: upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

    I had HD200 and then I ugraded to Piaggio Beverly. I found 350cc was plenty enough for out of town trips, I think it would serve you well on Tassie roads. It has large wheels too, which is nice for stability. I don't think you really need BMW or Burgman - it's not so much the engine size that is the problem, but their bulk, and in case of the beemer, also the height - it's a very tall bike! Beverly sits in a nice spot , good balance between ability and size. 

    If Piaggio is not a good option in Tasmania in terms of dealer support, I would suggest looking at other scoots in that size. Kymco Downtown for example, also 300cc, or even Suzuki Burgman 200cc - going by write-ups here on our site it coped with open roads surprisingly well.

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    Re: upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

    Hi Scootergal, I am fairly new to scootering after years of motorcycles. I reckon it would be very worthwhile to look at Yamahas. They have the Majesty 400 which is nice and light, low and goes like a rocket, especially if riding solo. And the magnificent T-Max 530, which a lot of people consider the best Maxi. Test ride everything you can, and you will know which one you want.

    Carpe Diem
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    Re: upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

    Scootergal, power isn't likely to be an issue,extra mass to handle is more likely to cause you issues and then only when parking or otherwise manouvering the bike physically.
    Once your moving at walking pace it's no drama.
    Leg length and physical strength may play a part in your choices here.
    Is the 300 cut off strictly by cc or model ?
    Scoots like the Honda Forza are named 300 but it's actually 279cc
    Kymco Downtown 300 is 298cc so just under the cut off.
    Maybe get the bigger scoot feel but at the baby cost?
    If your happy with the HD200 for say 85% of what you do the 300's will probably fill your brief quite well.
    If you just want the luxury of all the power all the time then buy what you want because as we all know the heart wants what the heart wants.

  • 12-25-2015 12:21 AM In reply to

    Re: upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

    Scootergal - My own experience on a Kymco GTS 300i would have me believe it is just the scooter you would enjoy. Large wheels - excellent power-to-weight ratio, reliable and economical. The handling is good - disc brakes front and back - very well finished. The price won't hurt you either.

    It might not have ABS but you can lower the tyre pressures a few lbs during the winter months to compensate a little.  Not  much has been said in the media about this bike, but I had a lot of fun on mine, and can recommend it.

    Christmas greetings and happy scooter-ing during 2016.  


  • 12-25-2015 09:08 AM In reply to

    Re: upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

    tony, a vlogger in Sydney with a youtube channel called ariderslife rode a Kymco 300 - he was impressed.

    the 300 is probably on actual cc (the SYM 200 is only 171cc, by the way)

    If you're happy with the SYM, why not try a Firenze or a Citycom?

    4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
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    Re: upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

     I went from a HD200 to a Piaggio X9 250 to a Burgman 400 and am seriously looking at going back to a Burgman 200 The 400 has more than I need and the 200 has so much storage space that i wont need a topbox


    riding for fun
  • 12-28-2015 01:48 PM In reply to

    Re: upgrading from a Sym HD200 to ....???

    Hi All Thanks for the replies, I definitely have some research to do. Im 5'10" with long legs which becomes an issue over longer distances with the need to stretch and change position. Along with the road trips - that I am dreaming about I ride with a group of scooter riders and another group of motorcycle riders and my poor baby cant keep up. However, I am not into speed unless its to get passed a blasted caravan or truck on the hills; but it would be nice to be able to make the effort. LOL Just order my coffee and it should arrive at the table about the same time I do. ;-) Anyone tried the new SYM citicom? Nicco from Motorini (Canberra) is getting one in and has promised to give me a call - its about a 250cc and might be good enough for my needs. Thank you again; hope you all had a great christmas and 2016 brings you great joy and good health Scootergal
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