New pipes

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  • 02-09-2016 10:15 AM

    New pipes

    Hi all

    I read that two new performance pipes are being made for the Vespa 250 and the 300 Model aswel. 

    I can't remember the company thats makeing them but I've herd M

    ike mention them before.

    There makeing these pipes for alot of other Scooters. But made sure the Vespas names were up there first.

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    Re: New pipes

    IMHO 4 stroke pipes you buy for sound save weight and looks don't think they make much difference to performance

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    Re: New pipes

    I think the Akrapovic and Remus pipes are the farourites for high performance GTSs. My 250 was definitely a little bit nippier with the Akra. Haven't tried it on the new 300 yet, as I am enjoying having a quiet scooter for now.



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    Re: New pipes

     I remember looking into a new pipe kit for the TMax.   Akropovic seemed to be a simple bolt on affair and claimed a noticable performance increase.   Not sure if that was due to clever pipe design, less restriction through the muffler or whether it was the fact that the new pipe weighed about half the factory one.   

    Started out with a Zip 50. Now moving on to a HD 200. Wonder what's next....?? Not wondering any more.... TMAX!!!!!!
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    Re: New pipes

    i have fitted a Leo Vince 4 road to my wife's Burgman 250 and a Leo Vince Granturismo to my Burgman 650. Both have been a good investment with better sound, a nice weight saving and both  perform better


    2006 Burgman 650- heated grips, Givi top box and screen, Leo Vince exhaust
    2002 Peugeot Speedfight 100 WRC
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    Re: New pipes

    Hi all

    Leo Vince seem to be one of the more popular pipes people put on their machines.

     But some beleave that on Scooters it just makes them sound better and doesnt really give them anything extra.

    I believe the people that designed them would have a different opinion.

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    Re: New pipes

    The scooter engines are pretty low tune which limits gains possible with a simple modification like changing the exhaust.

    Four strokes are very limited, two strokes are more easily tuned for power at a cost.

    2001 Yamaha Zuma, DR Evo 68 cylinder, Leo Vince TT derestricted, Delorto 17.5 (#98 jet), standard aircleaner, RMS fan, Race CDI, Standard oiler and premix @ 75:1 Shell SX2, Doppler SR3 variator, RMS clutch, RMS R rear shock absorber and Pirelli SL26 tyres.
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    Re: New pipes

    I put a carbon fibre Yoshi pipe from a small motorcycle on my Derbi. Jury is still out (after many 1000s of km) about any affect on horsepower, but it didn't seem to make my scoot perform worse so it stayed on.

    Where I do see definite, concrete gain is in 1) looks, 2) sound (love the sound of my scoot, a little louder, but just a nicer, lower, throatier growl) and 3) a loss in weight of a little shy of 5kg over the old pipe.

    Ride safe.

    Riding: Doc, a 2009 Derbi GP1 250
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    Re: New pipes

    Well just for those reasons alone sounds like you did the right thing. Big Smile

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