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  • 03-17-2017 02:29 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    I would have loved to have been an air cadet. I could not muster myself in time for the limited placings on offer then; my father served in the Beaufighter Squadron - Whispering Death.

    A submariner you say; now there's a calling. There won't be one of those docking at your current front door anytime soon.

  • 03-17-2017 03:43 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    Yep about 800 million years too late for them Geeked

    submarine stuck in a road

  • 03-17-2017 07:38 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    Asps, going back in time, I recall as a cadet circa 1970 we were given the bolt BUT no firing pin when U took the rifle home before camp.!

    It was the firing pin that we got back at Cadet Camp itself......maybe different strokes for different schools, but we got rifle+ bolt, no pin.

    Re blanks, at short range, they could take out an eye.......And don't start me on hearing. I am slightly deaf in right ear...i reckon numrous cadet camps would have done that.

    Silly, we were given ear plugs on Range Days but not when firing blanks at camp.

    Aprilia 200ie
  • 03-17-2017 07:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    Umm, dumb question, Pyrah , but there are windows on a submarine?? I did not know.

    I thought it was more your steel tube with compartments type job.

    Aprilia 200ie
  • 03-17-2017 07:57 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    lol yep no windows just periscopes but shore bases are a different story

  • 03-18-2017 12:34 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    You might be right about the firing pin Md over the bolt. I simply can't remember that detail. This was mid sixties for me. You are right about casualties though from the crimped end of the blank cartridge discharging like buckshot. They did happen. Is this why a percentage of this generation disappeared in to the lush rolling coastal hills of Northern NSW, to pick daisies, under the mantra - 'the system is encouraging us to shot at one another'?

    To be fair, in hindsight, the shadow of the second great war was still on our backs.

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    Re: Random.....

    Yes Asps, you're right re WWII and, later in 60's  a lot of folks really saw the Red Menace as a real threat. and maybe "adults' saw a time in uniform as being a worthwhile thing for kids?? There seemed to be a L O T of cadets at the time!

    Still n' all, we got to shoot Brens, mortars etc...i know my brother got to shoot a Vickers and I , a few years later, an SLR.

    Although our school didn't have them, I also envied the Air Cadets.......I think it was the neat blue uniforms.


    Aprilia 200ie
  • 03-18-2017 02:58 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    RN was still using the bren gun in 74 when on HMS Bulwark on exercise with the Dutch Marines (long hair and don't salute officers) had some great shore runs in the caribean with them Big Smile

  • 03-18-2017 05:19 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    When I joined the Air Cadets we had a khaki/tan coloured uniform it was changed over for the blue one before I left.
    We wore army greens for anything sweaty or dirty.
    23 Flight if I remember correctly, we were based in the old morgue for the ammunitions facility at St Marys.


  • 03-18-2017 07:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    .... my shabby memory has it that the Bren would lurch foward rather than recoil on firing ... my shabby memory.

    What I do remember is that two large warbirds stood on the western apron of the east-west runway at Mascot airport. Wellingtons maybe - even Lancasters? Someone else will remember. They were used by fire services for drill exercises. A boy with whom I shared my early school days was the child of a Japanese war bride. When the father of Robert would ocassionially drive us home from school we sometimes would drop in to the airport, where the father had professional business, and the small boys were offered time to scramble through one of the planes. UNBELIEVABLE. What is etched into me is the steely green-grey purposefulness and intent of the austere mechanical workings of this beast.

    Only recently I was riding my bike around the airport with a view to do some plane spotting along the southwestern fence line. Within minutes a security vehicle pulled up to usher me along my way. Unfortunately, now, as it needs be.There was a sort of frontiersmanship about Australian life, even for boys, years back, spoken about by someone else on this site recently, that has been lost to the shirt tails of a world stage.

    Does anyone else remember these warbirds.

  • 03-18-2017 09:15 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    Just for you in 1965 ( Lancaster )

    G-ASXX - Avro Lancaster at Sydney Mascot Airport in 1965

    G-ASXX - Avro Lancaster at Sydney Mascot Airport in 1965G-ASXX - Avro Lancaster at Sydney Mascot Airport in 1965

  • 03-18-2017 09:33 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    Thanks Pyrah. There were two, and they were stationed there, not in that livery. That's what I remember. And it could have been prior to 65 

  • 03-19-2017 06:35 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    That would be the 48 to 84 Bulwark Pyrah. See looks dated to our eyes today. 

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    Re: Random.....

    Yep R08 think it was the last DC electrics  ship built for the RN commissioned in 54 decommissioned 81

    i was on this trip

    In the January 1974 Bulwark sailed for exercises in the Caribbean Sea and suffered damage due to heavy storms during the 10-day crossing of the Atlantic. Ick!

  • 03-26-2017 09:51 PM In reply to

    Re: Random.....

    A question for you Pyrah; and it's genuine. What sort of on-board shoes do submariners wear? Are they service issue?

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