Nolan N20 and N21 Visor Helmets

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    Nolan N20 and N21 Visor Helmets

    See this imgur album for pics:


    The Nolan N20 was my first scooter helmet, predating even my first scooter. It was comfortable and stylish and it has served me well these past four or so years. Still, it had a few limitations. Even with the lower visor that Nolan offers as an accessory, rain was still thoroughly unpleasant. And I had to exchange sunglasses and normal prescription glasses on a regular basis.

    My recent acquisition of a 'new' scooter (see my accident thread) seemed the perfect opportunity to solve some of these problems. Fortunately Nolan was up to the challenge. While I was tempted by the modular N44 and even the full-face N87, the aesthetics of the open-faced N21 line grabbed me just as the N20 did in the past.

    While the N21 Visor (there is also a visor-less model available) may look similar to its predecessor, as Dennis Llewelyn would say: we've made some improvements. First is the full-length visor, which comes right down to the bottom of my chin. Wind and rain are no longer a problem. Second is the internal sun visor, which is operated by a large but discreet shifter on the side of the helmet. Coverage from the visor is excellent, and sunnies are no longer required. Note that on the visor-less N21 this internal visor seems to be clear (or close enough). The third major improvement is in the locking system. I didn't pay much attention to this prior to using the helmet, but Nolan's new Microlock system is much faster to engage and disengage than a traditional D-ring arrangement. Best of all, you can use it while wearing gloves.

    So that's the major stuff. A minor improvement is that the shiny external hinge caps on the N20 have been replaced by matte ones on the N21. These caps were the first thing to pick up serious scratches on my N20, and I expect the matte caps on the N21 will handle the jostling of countless place-in/remove-from-helmet-bay operations with more aplomb.

    Finish and comfort are excellent on both helmets, although to be honest the N21 feels slightly *less* plush than the N20. Sizing seems different too: I took an L for the N20 but XL for the N21, so definitely check that out.

    Only the more boring colour varieties of each helmet are stocked in Australia, but fortunately we can now import ECE-certified helmets from Europe! As such I have secured what seem to be among the last N21 Visor Asso Chrome and White XL helmets available anywhere. Of the gloriously Italian 'Asso' print line, only Matte Black still seems to have any reasonable level of availability. 

    The N20 was a great scooter helmet for urban riding that you can still find around the place and might be worth looking at for the right price, but in truth the N21 Visor has comprehensively surpassed it.

    See this imgur album for pics:


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