The end of 2017

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  • 12-21-2017 06:07 PM

    The end of 2017

    Well there is no other category that I could post this under so here goes 

    2017 has been a sh--- of a year for both my wife and myself 

    In March we sold our lovely home and downsized into a very nice Villa  at lovelydowntown BOOKER BAY on the NSW CENRAL COAST 

    What a *** of an experience that was --Worst selllng  Agent ever  Rotten Removalist and $60000 down the drain 

    Well we no sooner arrived at our new home and i pulled tendons in my shoulder followed by 4 hospital admissions for heart lung kidney and liver--- If you fire off enough bullets you surely will hit something ---,3 operations including the insertion of a pace maker (22500worth )and my wife tells me 55 visits to doctors etc since July

    I sold my beautiful Burgman to a guy in Cessnock and I have officially resigned from the Central Coast Scooter Club --- I dont know if anyone is going to continue running the club 

    I admit to not being a good rider having only started at age 70and  but I have enjoyed the experience over the last 11 years  and I have  met some truly delighful people along the way

    I know some of my comments on this forum have caused criticism of me but what the heck -I yam wot I yam 

    So to those out there wh continue to ride I wish you all a VERY MERRY XMAS and hopefully a 2018 year of prosperity and happiness 

    You lucky people  

    riding for fun
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    Re: The end of 2017

    Thanks Rod. A better 2018 for both you and your wife. And stay connected occassionally. You did mention in a previous post about downsizing.

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    Re: The end of 2017

    Ditto what aspro boy said & Merry Christmas all.

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    Re: The end of 2017

    Sorry to hear about all your trauma, Rod. Hope the medicos can get your body stable so that you can still enjoy life in the coming year, even if a very different life. Have to find some new hobbies.

    I have also had an Annus Horribilus, as a year ago Philippa acquired a brain tumour of the worst sort. She has had a brain operation, radiation and a few bouts of chemo, but it is a one way journey. She is almost blind and very confused about time and place, and gets severe headaches. As I am her carer, my scooter riding has been very limited - have to get someone in whenever I want to go out.

    Anyway, all the best for the new year!


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    Re: The end of 2017

    thanks Rod,

    And I enjoyed your reports and your riding enthusiasm

    Aprilia 200ie
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    Re: The end of 2017

    geez mike,

    That's big...I hope that you and your wife both get some good times in 2018

    Aprilia 200ie
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    Re: The end of 2017

    We don't really know one another us band of throttle twisters, but we can bind together, at this time, to wish each other well - the best of season good cheer.

    That's a gravely pot-holed road Mike you are currently on. I am a self appointed carer for my very elderly mother and I know how this can keep at least one foot nailed to the floor, but mostly two. I wanted to just go out and buy a GTS 300, but knew that it would just sit there as my opportunities to do justice to this machine are currently limited. So when you detail about your machine Rod I am in the saddle. The little Dio at the back of the garage is no issue.

    Every time I see an airhead I think about you MD. Saw a fantastic mint Mystic only two weeks ago.

    I have enjoyed all the posts from you guys throughout the year. Thank you and best wishes.

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    Re: The end of 2017

    Mike -- that is so sad the news about Philippa and I know just how much you love riding

    You are truly one of the enthusists of the industry,with all your modifications especialy on a new scooter 

    I also know how much you must love VEspas

    Words and I doubt prayers cannot fix your situation but we can only hope that things improve

    It was and is great knowing you and my wife amd I wish you and Philippa the very best fpr 2018

    PS I bet takings are down at PITS without your regular custom  

    riding for fun
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    Re: The end of 2017


    Firstly - Have a better year ahead.  Secondly - Booker Bay sounds like a nice place to downsize - any vacancies?

    You have wheels - that's the main thing. You can now harrass a whole new section of the community ....   enjoy it all.


  • 12-27-2017 05:36 PM In reply to

    Re: The end of 2017

    Thamks Tonyr Now just because I have 4 instead of 2 wheels I dont harrass people any more than when i had 2 wheels. 

    In fact Ive grown to be a very friendly chap,waving ,wishing people a happy day etc and even smiling at some of the dogs who arnt sure whether to go into attack mode or not  when I ride by 

    Its only when some deaf or dunb pedestrian wont move aside on the footpath and when my horn (sqeaky little thing ) fails to work 

    I then go BEEP BEEP with mutterings. under my breath .If they dont move over then I contemplate giving them a swift belt up the rear end --Havent done it yet but theres plenty of ti,me

    2018 has to be a better year --- Now you behave yourself Cheers and lets hope they dont burn the Harbourridge down with all those fireworks 

    What a waste of money 

    riding for fun
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