Scabbie Update

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  • 01-09-2018 06:15 PM

    Scabbie Update

    Hi Folks,

    And happy scootering in '18..

    just an update re my Scabbie 200ie, engine was on the way out ( crankshaft) but still rideable.

    Now ignition /charging is gone....the machine is so much metal, plastic and a pair of wheels.

    Local dealer not interested...don't blame him....and has recommended a Scooter wreckers here in Sydney.

    They're currently on holiday so no idea how I'll go there.

    Any ideas re best way to "move" a non running Scarabeo 200ie 2011 model?

    oh, move to Lithgow is nearly completet+ I'm enjoying my big experiment, the 1000cc BMW that i got cheap....but not that much. There is a very good Yammie dealer down the road from me and, when time allows , I'm seriously thinking of flogging the Beemer and getting a Yammie Xmx 300.

    I do NOT like the look of them but they seem to offer everything I need , and more, at a good price. I have given up the idea of regularly two-wheeling to Sydney but I reckon a 300 could easily do the trip to either Bathurst, Blue mOuntains or interesting local towns.

    ideas, comments, insults appreicated.





    Aprilia 200ie
  • 01-18-2018 09:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Scabbie Update

    What did you end up doing the the Scarabeo MD. It is not uncommon for overseas tourists to just abandon them in the street(s) where I live. Eventually the council removes them. But it does take a long time. I think the Yammy 300 offers a lot of riding options, it being a true 300. Which 1000cc BMW? I remember the first time I dropped down into Lithgow on the way to Bourke riding a Honda 250 - a long time ago --  Brrrr






  • 01-19-2018 08:48 PM In reply to

    Re: Scabbie Update

    Hi Asps,

    The BMW 1988 k1000lt is proving to be pretty a purchase price of approx $2.5k it wasn't a huge investment and certainly way cheaper than an airhead which, as we said, could have been more fun.

    Annoying problems with speedo and dashboard. I feel that this bike  was made in the period where they were starting to add advanced circuitry to cars+ bikes and they don't hold up well BUT....the thing starts and stops well!

    Yep, as U say, the Yammie should have enough grunt and, after dropping the Scabbie due to a small oil slick, I';m seeing ABS as being a mighty fine idea.

    Asps, riding a Honda 250 all that way !! Mind U, the thing probably went Ok and had just enough may not have, LOL!

    Yes, Lithgow is cold ... .. I'm getting a carport built and the paperwork/approval mentions the "snow rating" of the roof. Not the sort of thing U see here in Rose Bay..

    Aprilia 200ie
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