On any Sunday

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  • 08-31-2020 09:46 PM

    On any Sunday

    I'm thinking that If you ventured out last Sunday on your favourite ride that you would have encountered nearly every other registered motorcycle/scooter in Sydney.

    I packed a picnic lunch, as planned, then left early on The GTS hpe for the Royal National Park - then down to Thirroul. I was completely overwhelmed by the number of bikes undertaking a similar journey. An endless procession; clubs, large groups of friends -  a day that will long be rememebered.

    So busy was it that once having arrived at Thirroul I just turned around and headed straight back.The road along the escarpent heading south was an endless procession of car clubs and bike groups. But by now they were almost at a standstill.

    Everyone seemed headed to somewhere along the coast. I was just focused, now, on getting home.


  • 09-07-2020 04:26 PM In reply to

    Re: On any Sunday

    Hi Mike - just come back to me and confirm that you are ok - Mark

  • 09-07-2020 09:20 PM In reply to

    Re: On any Sunday

    Hi Mark, Yes, I am OK. Just a bit depressed. Still riding up to Pie most mornings, but over weekends it gets a bit difficult to social distance oneself. Waiting for some scooter parts from Germany, but with so few flights what use to take two weeks now takes two months. I am buying black parts to replace all the chrome on my blue scooter with black. Have alreadly done the mirrors, bar end weights, levers, speedo surround, exhaust, transmissiion cover, horn cover insert. I have a black headlight surround waiting to go on, and am waiting for legshield trim, indicator surrounds and Piaggio enblem. I have a pair of chrome lower rear side panels, and am thinking of making them black with some vinyl wrap. Haven't found any yet, but have only tried Auto One.

    Have made lots of Meccano models  -  WW1 tank, WW2 German staff car, 1875 railway crane, Black Hawk helicopter, antique car, locomotive and tender. Am waiting for some stuff from Europe to build a dockside crane and a Renault Elf F1 racing car. Also need to get back to my Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that is nearly complete but put aside at the moment.

    I will be back to a bit of Scottish Dancing in two weeks. I have been invited to take part as one of the goons for some new dance teachers to practice on for their full certificate. There will be much washing and sterilising of hands, as we have to take hands in the dances.

    So life goes on. Had the kids and most of the grandkids around yesteday for Father's day, and they are also organising something for my 82nd birthday next weekend.


    Cheers, Mike



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    Re: On any Sunday

    Hi - it's good to know that front scooter wheel is still levitating. Let's get the hard bit over with early; yes, some days are still very painful. 

    I'm thinking that all those models you are crafting wil be set out with other models previously completed. But the big question is - who's doing all the dusting? And it would be detailed dusting. You could think about holding an open day one day a month - with admission charge. Your hobby room possibly looks like Hobbyco once did in its prime; a feast for the eyes.

    I myself must have some Irish ancestory. When Celtic Woman, or Irish music is being featured on Foxtel (or whatever), something starts to move and shake in me. I invariably reach for the + volume control. A smile broadens my face - even the melancholy numbers touch some part in me (the sum of the parts is more than the whole).

    Several months ago I was at Racecourse Motors and viewed a customer grey SuperTech that had the total black and carbon trim swap. It also had the solo seat. I must say it did look good - an individuals ride. It will, imo, work well with the blue also.

    All the local scooter dealers I sometimes visit are reporting good sales. Sourcing stock, or stock supply consistency is their greatest challenge. Urbanites are seeking transport options it would appear. Brompton folding bikes are nearly impossible to secure. Stocks within Australia dried up overnight. And that was four months ago. It's the same elsewhere in the world. Folk are appreciating this brilliant little useful folding bike. I know I do. The bicycle industry has gone ballistic since Covid .. It's an ill wind that blows somebody some good.

    The GTS 300HPE continues to perform superbly. It really is a pleasing scooter to own - both visually and ride enjoyment. I jumped up early Sunday morning and rode to Kurnell. Not that far, but a good ride nonetheless. The scooter has legs - it wants to run .... I don't get it out of the garage for short haul work. I'm still waiting for slightly warmer weather, but I suspect the traffic will continue to be a pain.

    I admire that you are detailing your blue GTS. I've long believed (since I stopped riding so fast) that the ride is in the detail. I just don't have the tech ability, or specific tools, to do much more than cosmetic detail myself. And that I'm good at.

    I treated myself to a Makita 18V skin air pump for Fathers Day. So much easier than getting down to those small wheels at the gas station. And I'm waiting impatiently for my little CT125. Webike has a plethora of custom upgrades for this bike. The Monkey 125 was exactly two years and 4400klms old on Saturday. Splitting the utilitaran work with the new CT will hopefully keep the mileage from climbing too high on this Monkey 'keeper'.

    It's good to stay in touch - thank you - speak soon - Mark

  • 10-12-2020 09:33 PM In reply to

    Re: On any Sunday

    Hi Mike ..... how's the black trim exercise working out for you. Are parts and shipping available?  

    My Vespa continues to impress. I can't express enough how lucky I feel. Purchased without a test ride - and the first Vespa I had ever ridden. 

  • 10-20-2020 06:35 PM In reply to

    Re: On any Sunday

    Hi Mark, I am almost finished blacking out my GTS. I had a battle getting the legshield trim on, then had a bright idea and greased the legshield, and it all just slipped into placed. Re-attaching the glovebox was difficult too  -  problems lining up those little metal tabs than clip onto plastic tabs to hold the screws.

    Now waiting for some stick-on surrounds for the indicators  that are in the mail. But I am also considering Power1 smoked indicators which cost a lot more but look great. The only silver left is the wheel rims and a little on the grips. Black MP3 13" wheels would look great, but my wheels are painted blue to match the body so I'm sticking with them.

    The Vespa club have a run up my way this weekend, stopping at Berowra Waters, so I will be joining them at Asquith. A chance to show off my black and blue scooter.

    Just finishing off my latest Meccano model, an 1846 Great Western locomotive the Iron Duke which had a pair of massive 8-foot driving wheels.





  • 11-05-2020 12:07 PM In reply to

    Re: On any Sunday

    Hi Mike, remiss of me not to come back to you sooner. No excuses - except perhaps a heavy heart.

    It's good to have projects - and you have many. Looking forward to seeing a finished image of the black trimmed 300. I know that it will look good. I do like the look of the black 13" Yourban wheels. A very 'individual' look for the GTS.

    I had intended to take a run to the Asquith meet point recently, but the weather was poor - so combating the elements seemed unappealing.

    There seems a marked absence of a traditional spring period this year. I took a run down the coast yesterday, through the Royal National Park and surrounds. When I think of some of the bikes I had contemplated buying over the last year or so, as a last horrah, the GTS hpe has delivered everything I want or really need in a recreational ride. I love it. 


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