Bolwell VS 125

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  • 01-22-2008 09:00 PM

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    Bolwell VS 125

     G'day all,

    Thought I might give my two cents on the Bolwell vs 125.

    I don't pretend for a second that I have a real working knowledge of motorcycles or have clocked up that many hours on them apart from some paddock bashing at my uncles as a teen and a couple of times since.

    I thought instead this could be more for someone very new to the scooter world who is snooping around (like me a week ago) for some advice from a like minded soul who has just jumped in to the fun of it all.

    a little background....

    Married, 2 kids, lost the stationwagon to family stuff, and I freelance, so while I can get to my little office by bus or bike, sometimes you just need some wheels to get you around quickly, particularly to clients.
    I REALLY didn't want a second car so a scooter it is. I was also looking for the Toyota corolla of scooters. Cheap, economical, goes for ever.

    3 choices immediately came up
    Piaggio Fly
    Bug agility
    Bug espresso

    and for a good while it was always going to by one of those 3. Each being a favourite at some time or another.

    Then  I saw the VS125. This ticked so many boxes for me immediately.
    -right price
    - Came in white, so has good visibility( and the added bonus of looking the funkiest)
    - Big lights
    -HUGE storage. I get my backpack and rain jacket in there.
    - smooth predictable acceleration. I felt at ease with it straight away.

    After those boxes were ticked, then the emotional stuff took over.. it looked pretty cool." Damn" I said, "the heart was never to have a say in this...."

    I test rode the Piaggio Fly and VS125. You can take a guess from the fact I never got round to test driving the Bugs that my heart was having its way. Although I was still very interested in the Fly.

    So whats bad about it.. um not much, but a few things that I think are important to note for those kicking tyres...

    1) I noticed just as I drove out of the shop on a very wet sydney day that the bottom panel of the bike (directly behind the front wheel) is very exposed to the debri from the front tyre. The front wheel mudguard doesn't go down to a point where it would protect it, which will mean in a very short space of time my gleaming white front panel is going to look very chipped and scratched from stones.
    Is this a bad thing? ... well no not really, and I am not the best person to comment on scooter design, although from memory others had more 'protective' plastic in that area. Its worth noting anyway, for others to make their own minds up as to whether this area of design could be improved in time.
    I'm now thinking whether there is good enough reason to put some protective tape down there. Or just deal and replace the panel in time if I so desired. Of course I could have help this by not choosing white. but that wasn't going to happen.

    2)can be pretty slow off the mark in the 0-15 km mark, there seems to be quite a lag, but after that it really seems to get its skates on nicely. Probably to do with the extra weight over others in this range and its only a 125 for gods sake.  Am I worried? no... but again, I think its worth pointing out little things like this for others to make their own minds up about. Don't worry, I very happy with my little bike.

    3) Rear brake is very soft. Almost to the point where i can still move the wheel when full pressure is applies. I really have to clamp it hard while I'm stationary on a hill. Maybe this is just a service thing. Of course while using both brakes it does its job.

    4) well um... thats all I got for now... So in all nothing of substance yet to complain about. But I'm sure things will show themselves in time.

    So if you are hunting around on the web for some bits of info and peeking into this forum hopefully this helps from a layman's view.

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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

    That was well written Seamus. You almost convinced me, almost, I'm still stuck on the fly although more storage under the seat would have been nice. It's interesting to note that you went through the same selections that I've been through, determined to go for each in it's turn. I've actually caught myself dreaming about the MP3 as a second bike for weekend & long distance rides as much as I would love a Vespa. Are you dreaming that dream also? :)
    Today 50 (2,500km), Montego. Fly (2,500km), Le Grande (7,000km), Vespa PX (200km), Vespa GTS250ie (46,000km), now looking at the world through Ruby coloured glasses on a Vespa GTV300ie Vie Della Moda.
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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

     Great review Seamus, a real balanced story.  Nice!

    Glad you are enjoying your new ride. 

    "Being cold is the result of laziness" - Bunta Fujiwara

    Current ride: Yamaha XT660Z Tenere.
    Gone: Piaggio MP3 400ie, too unreliable in the rain (think Italian electrics).

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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

    Nice, I'd probably go the fly too, as It's got that Piaggio name. 

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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

    I've just bought one. Impressed by underseat storage and the fact there's a dealer in Bendigo, Vic (where I live)

    Yes, it's a Bolwell VS 125, not a SYM Scoota VS 125 (2008 model year) but I got it with 47 km on it, so I'm considering it New.

    The ride test starts tomorrow!


    4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
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    Re: Bolwell VS 125

    myself and Mrs. Wombat now have licenses, and the VS is great (but that might be motorcycling, or scootering - we're both new to 2 wheels+engine)

    Underseat storage is great, we've got a top box, too. Handling is better than the rider. I've had it on 80 km/h roads, handles them fine. Easy enough to put up and down off the centre stand.

    I can't say I have a balanced opinion, nothing to compare it to.

    4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
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