Utility Scooters - Possible for Aus?

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  • 02-19-2008 10:11 PM

    Utility Scooters - Possible for Aus?

    The last few years have seen utility scooters rise in popularity in Japan. With scoots becoming more popular in Aus, perhaps this market segment might open up down there for Skippy too?

    Some are clearly derived from Honda's 1982 Motra 50cc motorcycle. A heavy bus, with more frame than engine, but one that set the scene for `tough` devices. I've seen them in utility yellow and cammo paint. 

    1982 Honda Motra. 


    From this we get the Zoomer (water cooled 50cc this time):

     Chubby on a Zoomer.


    Zoomer Cutie. 

    Wermacht Kawaii. 

    The bolt-together (or bolt-apart) nature of the Zoomer makes is popular with kids for mods. Zoomania is a club that specializes in stuff like this, making some really cool street stuff. New Zoomer config:

    New Zoomer.\

    Honda's PS-250, based on the Fusion frame and layout was released after the success of the 50cc Zoomer:


    Yamaha are getting into it too with their BW (called Bee Wee in Aus?) concept from last year's TMS:

    BW Concept.


    Though old, and not too common in Japan any more, the BW does find a home with some modders. 

    I loved the rivet effect on this one:

    Yamaha Rivet. 

    Like Yamaha's Maxam tapping the two-up cruiser segment owned by Honda, Yamaha have released their water-cooled 50cc VOX. Largely unchanged from the 2005 TMS prototype debut, it features a huge trunk capable of taking a shrink-wrapped stack of tissue boxes (go figure), but it does have a large carrying space without having to degrade your style by riding a Jog Poche Shop:

    Yamaha VOX. 

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    Re: Utility Scooters - Possible for Aus?

    Great pictures and information, Kuroneko. Arigato Gozaiimashu Smile

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    Re: Utility Scooters - Possible for Aus?

    love that new yamaha concept scooter looks great  

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    Re: Utility Scooters - Possible for Aus?

     thanks for the info and pics kuroneko, i am a huge fan of this idea - it makes the whole concept of scoots not only more widely acceptable - but also more functional and capable i think than motorbikes perse.  Being able to store large amounts of goods away on the vehicle and having it purpose built to that end , plus the strong design  - really i think opens up a wider market for use in the business sphere.  Plus for people like myself who are storage fanatics - i love this idea as it would encourage me more to use my scoot - but also enable me more to use it for this purpose.  I am a nurse by trade and i have had this idea for a while that if i could get a scoot similar to the yamaha giggle version that was mentioned some time ago on this site - which had a huge underseat storage area - then i might even be able to use that to store my supplies for home visits instead of using a car... Could maybe even put the corporate logo on the side of the scoot if I got the backing to do that...  I dont think its really been done for this purpose here - but there are lots of diferent possibilities it could open up.



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    Re: Utility Scooters - Possible for Aus?


    Great post. Love the indepth research. Enjoyed the read.


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    Re: Utility Scooters - Possible for Aus?

    Glad you enjoyed the info. I'll drag out the press pack on the Yamaha and post some more of their prototype thing... Neko.
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