First service!

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  • 02-22-2008 04:49 PM

    First service!

    I rode 'the wasp' up to ace this morning, it took me an hour and a half. It's a long trip! Had it serviced... Steve suggested I ride around the corner on one of his scoots to do my Motorcycle Theory test.. so I did. I passed 15/15 :) neat! Picked up some new riding gloves because my hands are copping some sun burn... all good now! It's been a neat day off work :)
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    Re: First service!

    Well done on the test! Have you booked your prac test or lessons? Vic at A1 Motorbike (0412 825 992) is great but I'm not sure that he would go that far south. That's a hell of a ride on a 125 let alone a 50cc!

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    • allen
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    Re: First service!

    Is it now ready for race use only ?  

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    Re: First service!

    I'm glad to see you are now wearing gloves, in my mind there are three MUST WEAR items even if riding only 1km to your local shops, the three items are shoes, gloves and a helmet.

    I know a lot of people don't always bother about long pants and jackets on a very short trip, but if you do come off the most likely areas that will cop injury first are your feet & hands and of course your head.
    If I understand correctly, you live down south of Fremantle and Ace are on the northside, so you will have had a long ride today, especially on your LX50, but no doubt even though you would be tired, you'd still be smiling :)
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    Re: First service!

    What theory test? Is there another motorcycle theory test in WA?

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    Re: First service!

    My GT200 is booked into the BMW/Ducati/Honda dealer for next Friday for the 1000km service. I've pre-ordered the oil filter replacement from the eBay store scooteraccessory. I've downloaded, printed and binded the Vespa Workshop manual for these guys (who have the best reputation in town for service) so they can carry out the scheduled maintenence, and stamp my book for warranty.

    I've even researched the oils that I will request them to use in Shell brand as that is what they use.

    I am rather precious about this service, very nervous.

     I wish we had a Vespa/Piaggio Dealership in town.

    So Jimmy, is it de-restricted?

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    Re: First service!

    It was a 1-1/2 hr ride from coogee, up the coast to Joondalup (hodges dr). The winds were up and my average speed was about 45kph.

    I did my theory test, this is a requirement in order to get a learners permit for a class R-E (<250cc) bike licence, it cost me $19.60 to sit the test and about $69.40 to get the permit after passing the test (which I aced in approx 4 minutes, what a joke). I guess it's more for those people who do not have a car license already... otherwise, it's common knowledge for any current license holder.

    Is it de-restricted... lets just say my trip home wasn't 1-1/2 hrs long, and my average speed wasn't anything like my way up...

    I needed gloves for both protection from any kind of accident, and the sun. I have stupid looking hands now because of sun burn/tan. I don't yet have proper riding boots or pants, perhaps eventually. Jacket and helmet was my first priority. I reckon 95% of scooter riders I see riding around are in t-shirt, shorts, thongs... you get the idea.

    That "service" sure did the trick, I feel like I just got a brand new scooter today... :)

    I'm in no rush to get my R-E license, I was really just doing the theory test to kill some time, although have had plans to get it sorted within the next 12 months. So at some point over the next 12 months I will probably get a few lessons and get my actual license. I already have my eye's on either a PX200 or GTS250ie, but not for 12 months or more probably. Heck my LX50 is only 3 weeks old!

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    Re: First service!

    Congrats on your learners permit. It was pretty pointless and easy wasn't it?

    You said you weren't going for your R-E license for another 12 months, but isn't the permit only valid for 12 months? Or was it 2 years?
    Just go for it as soon as you can. Then you'll have it and it's out the way. Good luck anyway. 

    Ride safely everyone.
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    Re: First service!

    Yeah congrats Jimmy. I bet it was a cinch. 

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    Re: First service!

     the learners permit is valid for 12 months.

    if you are loooking for boots then you need something to cover the ankles. i don't have bike boots as most look to "try hard" to me on a scooter. i use dr martens or a pair of boots.


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    • Scott
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    Re: First service!

    Congrats on the learners from me too Jimmy.

    This valid for 12 months is another thing I cannot get, unless the rules have changed, I had mine for 6 years before I got my Open Auto here in Qld in July last year.

    It is not as if you are going to forget what you need for your learners.  They do not test you every 12 months (or ever again) on your full licenceHuh?

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    Re: First service!

    valid for 12 months, but renewable (you need to pay to renew it!)..

    I'm in no rush, I guess the sooner I get my license, the sooner I start having to pay for it. Will look at getting a couple of lessons, and borrowing a bigger scoot or a motorbike to learn :)

    Would probably like to get my manual lic...

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    • scootmama
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    Re: First service!

     ermm...jimmy - just out of curiousity...when you did take it out on the track after the service - how fast and what sort of changes has it made to performance and handling???....i'm really interested to see what differences these track modification service can have on a 50cc vespa - maybe Steve might be able to add some info too on this...



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