Get Well Kiwi

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  • 02-27-2008 09:32 PM

    Get Well Kiwi

    Hope you are OK fella.

    Here's a little video to remind you that you'll be up and flying in no time mate. Get well soon. Smile <p><a href=""></a></p>  

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    • scootmama
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

     hey there kiwi, geeze i'm sorry to hear you are crook - i hope that things pick up for you really damn soon.  Motorad - can you say hi to your dad from all of us - I hope you are doing okay - sounds like you are all having a real tough time of late.  Sending you all my best wishes....take care of yourselves and hope to see u all back soon.


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    • Scott
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Get well soon Kiwi.

    We really have noticed that you have not been here!

    All the best


    PS That little vid is the best thing I have seen for a loooooong time.  Thanks Dozer Big Smile

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    Got to remember that order......

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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    That's a great little video clip Dozer, I've saved it as a FLV file so I can take in on my MacBook to show him once he regains consciousness. I'm sure he would love it.


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  • 02-27-2008 11:36 PM In reply to

    • cyberon
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

     Get well soon.

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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Hi Kiwi, Hope your recovery is fast and you find yourself fully fit and raring to fly.

    Ya just can't beat having a good tinker.....
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    get well soon kiwi, your in our thoughtsSmile

    and im sure your scoot misses you too.... hehehhe 

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    • Rosey
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Please pass on good thoughts from me too, to your dad Motorrad.  When I was quite new to the forum your dad blew me away with an incredibly generous offer to come over and show my partner and I some basic maintenance tips. Not many people are so generous with their time, and I truly hope he's up and at 'em in no time.  Thinking of both of you.  I can't imagine how wiped out you must be feeling.  Stay safe

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    • Denni
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Speedy recovery Kiwi. 

    Trusty 'Beo has found a new home.
    New adventures on the BMW 650.

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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Our thoughts are with Kiwi & family.

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    • Curto
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Praying for a speedy recovery and health.
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    • Keeper75
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Get well Kiwi. Best wishes to Kiwi, Motorrad and family.

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    • Man218
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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Wish you well Kiwi, my thoughts are with you and family.

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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    italjet torpy:
    and im sure your scoot misses you too.... hehehhe

    I decided to take his scooter out today to give it a run,  sadly it's a little sick now too. I ended up having to push it several km home in pouring rain, it's developed some kind of ignition problem,  so I'll have to find time to fix that before he comes home.

    I visited him today,  no change in his condition but he does seem stable.  It's kind of weird sitting there talking to him, no knowing whether he can hear me or not.

    I am sure if he did hear me talking about Scooter Community, he would have appreciated the kind thoughts from everyone here.



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    Re: Get Well Kiwi

    Seems like Custard is missing him too. Any updates motorad?

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