Family opinions on scooting

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  • 03-12-2008 08:31 PM

    • Rosey
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    Family opinions on scooting

    I'm going to make a confession.  Next week my partners mother is coming to stay and we're sending the scooter down the road to a friends house for 2 weeks.  After dipping our toes in with a couple of rels when we were just thinking about buying one, getting a reaction back that was nothing short of incredulous and outraged, we decided not to tell some of our older family members (including our elderly mums).  I'm not proud of it at all- I'm usually all for full disclosure.  But my dear old Mum is 80 and I know it would worry her awfully if she knew.  The older family members we told made us both feel very irresponsible for even considering it (we have 2 young kids, 3 and 4 years old) and of course they all suggested that the kids would become orphans if we took up such a reckless pursuit.    I'd love to hear anyone else's experience.  Or am I the only bad apple in these forums???!!!


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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    Dad: "scooters are toys. You will kill yourself on one of those. Get yourself a motorbike the larger the engine the better" (he rides a 500cc cruiser on a 250cc license)

    Mum: initially - "I would rather you didn't but am glad it makes you happy & you are saving money in the process but I don't want to know about the near misses. I would also prefer you didn't change bikes every 6 months!"

    then - "That looks like fun, I could ride a scooter too!"

    And then - "Me? On a scooter? hahahaha..." I'm still pushing this one laying the facts out, promising to show her the ropes but I don't think it's going to happen *sigh*

    grandmother - " you're so brave, I've never done anything like that & can't see how anyone would. I've never even been brave enough to learn how to drive"

    Other grandmother - 'you're such a tom-boy you should be more ladylike"

    brothers & sister - "YEAH! I want one of those!" obviously I like this reaction the best :)

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    Yeah...........had a similar experience, told my mom that I was getting scooter. Her reaction was very migrant like. She then went on about am I selling the car because I can't make ends meet, (no mama still keeping the car) blah blah, scooter are body covering metal, whereas cars are metal covering your body. What will her friends think, I am going to embarrass her, all her friends drives good cars, didn't put you through law school to be riding a scooter. Why do you always purposely do things to hurt your mama and you are going to bring shame to the family. You are going to be like your grandfather that brought great shame to the family. Why why why....... let me die now......I should have strangled you when you were born. You are going to die a horrible death, such a curse to have grey hair parents attending a black hair child's funeral. Why why..............why did your mama do to deserve this...........

    Hehehehe................I still have my scooter.......Wheeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    All my family.................. Get your car licence it's safer!

    I don't know where this logic comes from.  I have been scooting for about 5 years, driving for none, (apart from my husbands attempts to get me driving, I can drive, but I choose not to.  He has bought me 3 cars from time to time).  Plus I admit to being speedy, and that driving bores me.  Being an inexperienced cage driver will not make me any safer than a experienced scooter rider.

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    im so with ya on that one, everyones always say's why dont you get your car licence, an i always say, i dont want it, i can drive , but i have never ever really wanted it........ my dad so wants a scoot now he likes the burgmans and mum just worries that i speed to much, or that i keep on tinkering with scooty when i should leave well enough alone.... 

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

     I'm probably odd man out here,  my mom, dad and sister all ride scooters,  so my family is very supportive of me riding a scooter.  Although my mom does not really approve of me riding long distances on it,  she claims they were designed for city use and I should only drive a car when driving in the country.

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    My Mum turned 75 last birthday. She said "I thought I wouldn't have to worry about you once you we 50...". But I ride around on my scooter and paddle my kayak a couple of km offshore ("where the sharks are"). I've explained the risks and assured her I'm careful. If anything happens (like my broken leg) then I let her know (with a bit of prompting from my Wife). She'd sooner know than find out later, and parents ALWAYS find out later!

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    • cyberon
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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    My mother-in-law didn't say anything. My mum, I didn't tell, they will know when any of my family members next visit me which is  few and far between as they don't live in this country. My mother had never approve years ago about any form of motorbike but then again, its a lot more dangerous the way they drive in Singapore!

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

     Mother in Law: "Hurry up and have childeren" (WTF is that meant to mean?)

    Dad: "Why did you get a black one"

    Mum "......................................" My Mother does not talk to me.

    Overall the response is positive. Tell the partners Mother after a few drinks, perhaps a lot of drinks, then stumble down the road to show her the scooter at the mates joint. 

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    Families.....................why telling lies was invented

    Scooters - for men who dont need to over compensate.
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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    My family was not surprised when I told them that my Hubby had bought me a scooter for mother's day, that was some years ago now.

    My father used to race motor bikes and do the odd sidecar race, so when I was a kid Dad and I always went to Bathurst to meet up with his mates that were still involved in the sport, it was interesting spending time with these guy's in the pits with these big machines.

    In my teens I got in to moto x, Dad supported the idea but just said ride within your limits, Mum, well she didn't really comment, I think she knew it wouldn't make any difference. Drifted away from the sport after a friend had a serious accident.

    No one in my family rides now, they accept my riding without giving me grief. My car is in Sydney on permanent loan to my sister ,I have no need for it here with the two scoots, Hubby has the Slug if I ever need a car and it means when I fly to Sydney I have transport. This setup works well for all of us:) 

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    My mum didn't like the idea at first.....she always felt that motorbikes/scooters were too dangerous - but I told her that cars are dangerous too, spiders are dangerous, heart attacks are dangerous  etc etc.........she realises that I'm old enough to make my own decisions and is therefore very supportive (especially when I fell off and she took care of me for a few days)  She also always hated tattoos until I got one, and then she thought it was kinda cool.

    Dad hasn't really shown much interest in the scooter......but that's the same response I get with everything from him lately, so it doesn't bother me.

    My kids love the scooter and they can't wait until they are old enough to go for a ride on the back of it......

    ....and my girlfriend loves it too.

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  • 03-13-2008 12:11 PM In reply to

    • Denni
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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    Trusty 'Beo has found a new home.
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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    Dad had a couple of Honda step throughs when I was in high school (great fun "warming them up" in the park behind us before he went to work) so hes ok

    Mum - mothers worry about their children - its inbuilt buts she ok

    Mother in law - she sees the practical side of it

    Brother & sisters & Brothers in law & sisters in law think its fine

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    Re: Family opinions on scooting

    my kids,- 19,17,12 are all mortified with embarrassment that I ride a scooter. This just makes me worse and more determined to embarass them whenever I see them with their mates... ie wave, toot horn, scream out, pull over.

    Its any parents duty to make their children embarassed of them... they will be anyway so you might as well make it worth while.

    Scooters - for men who dont need to over compensate.
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