Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

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  • 04-05-2008 05:25 PM

    Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    After several weeks of intensive internet research and making numerous calls to stores for advice I finally took the plunge and purchased a Zoot Deluxe 505, which is also available as the Baotian BT50QT-9H (the scoot comes with both Zoot and Baotion badging on it).  In short it is a 50cc with a four stroke engine, you can see the spec sheet here... 

     I visited the South Australian store situated at St Marys and the person I dealth with was wonderful.  He was very helpful and patient, and answered all of my questions intelligently and respectfully.  As a female purchaser this is important, I am soooo tired of male sales reps assuming I know nothing because I am a woman.

    After an hour my scooter was ready for me to take home.  I had been told that as a four stroke it would have less zip at take off, and I have ridden a 50cc two stroke previously and confirm that this is true, however for me it felt more comfortable and more controllable than the two stroke.  It is restricted to 45kph (as is the LA-category legislation standard I believe) and it reaches this effortlessly.  At 45kph you can feel the restrictor kicking in, the sales rep (Mark) had said it would almost feel like a "chug", similar to the feeling you get when it runs out of petrol.  It's not quite like that, but you can feel the engine *wants* to go faster, it just can't.  Releasing the throttle just a little eliminates this feeling and the ride is beautifully smooth.  It is quieter than a two stroke, and it doesn't smell like I am riding a lawn mower.

    The thing that suprised me the most was the speed it did uphill.  For Adelaidians, I live at Noarlunga and the Zoot store is at St Mary's, which means a ride up South Road, the most southern part of which has a few undulating hills, nothing terribly steep, but enough to drop a two stroke down to 20kph.  The Zoot stayed at 45kph the entire journey, not slowing down at all, and with no sound or sign of struggle or strain.  On the downhill incline the speedo did reach 70kph at one point and I felt a slight amount of reverb through the body of the scoot, but never at any time did I feel unstable or unsafe.

    I am 5'7" in height and the size and weight of the scoot was comfortable.  When riding my friends 50cc after a 30 minute trip my bum was sore and my back was aching, not so on the Zoot.  I was comfortable for the entire journey home.  You can't see the displays on the company photo... there is a speedo in both kph and mph, a fuel guage, lights on and indicator displays that light up, all inset into the "dash" and covered with smoked glass overlay.  Very stylish.  It comes with an open glovebox, a baggage hook and a top box, and there is room enough in the underseat storage for the open face helmet I bought.

    For under $2000 drive away I am very happy with my purchase, and the staff at Zoot made it a thoroughly pleasurable experience.


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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    Not strictly correct about the LA category legislation limit of 45 km/h,  the legislation allows 50 km/h.


    The formal legal definition of a 50cc LA or moped taken from the Commonwealth Legislative Register is:

    Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule – Definitions and Vehicle Categories) 2005 Compilation 3

    Compiled:        19 September 2007


    3.2.3                MOPED - 2 Wheels (LA)

    A 2-wheeled motor vehicle, not being a power-assisted pedal cycle, with an engine cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 ml and a ‘Maximum Motor Cycle Speed‘  not exceeding 50 km/h; or a 2-wheeled motor vehicle with a power source other than a piston engine and a ‘Maximum Motor Cycle Speed‘ not exceeding 50 km/h.

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    Thanks for that clarification Smile 

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    Just had to say 'Great Review'. Looks like you did your research well prior and knew exactly what you were getting and you're happy with it. Well done!!!

    from what I've heard others say about little 4 strokes, they can be a surprisingly interesting little package. The Mio 100 is one little beauty for a start and the Arqin that was just circulating during the 6 hour race with hardly a change in engine note and revs. Made a few folk larf at least!!!

    Anyway, Welcome to the community!!! Enjoy your scooting!

    Ya just can't beat having a good tinker.....
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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    Thanks for the review. I was at the Adelaide Motor Show on the weekend and there was a pavillion with just motor bikes and the zoot scooters were represented there. I had a quick chat with the man on the stand and he was very accomodating and honest. I was surprised at the 45km limiter and this would be frustrating for me. However he did say it could be modified very easily but he wouldn't tell me how. Fair enough.

    Now you have had your scooter for a little while, do you have any other thoughts on it?

    The zoot seems to offer very good value for money with all the extras that it has, but in reality how important is the keyless start function or the alarm. These things only offer value for money if they are useful additions. I do think that ABS brakes on the front is a very important safety feature. I don't know if any other scooters offer this.

    It doesn't seem that many people on this site own them. Is this because they are only new to the market or is there a problem with them?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.



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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

     the biggest feature of the zoot deluxe is that it has dual disc brakes and this is very rare on a scooter of this price and capacity. 

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    I forgot about the disc brakes bit. I borrowed a Vmoto Milan from a friend and i'm not sure that it had brakes at all. i pulled on the lever, and it would slow down but that could have just been friction and wind resistance. Hopeless brakes on that thing. I guess that discs will be better.

    It think that the zoot also comes with the box on the back too. This would be useful for me.

    I hope a few other owners or at least people who have ridden the zoot 505 deluxe will post some more info.



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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    I do think that ABS brakes on the front is a very important safety feature. I don't know if any other scooters offer this.

    Despite any claim that it has ABS brakes,  the Zoot does NOT have ABS brakes,  what is it has is a simple pressure limiting valve,  you cannot have a motor bike or scooter with ABS only on one wheel, ABS relies on being able to sense what is happening with all wheels.

    ABS is composed of a central electronic unit, a speed sensors (one for each wheel), and two or more hydraulic valves on the brake circuit. The electronic unit constantly monitors the rotation speed of each wheel. When it senses that any number of wheels are rotating considerably slower than the others (a condition that will bring it to lock) it moves the valves to decrease the pressure on the braking circuit, effectively reducing the braking force on that wheel. The wheel(s) then turn faster and when they turn too fast, the force is reapplied. This process is repeated continuously, and this causes the characteristic pulsing feel through the brake lever or pedal. A typical anti-lock system can apply and release braking pressure up to 20 times a second. The ECU compensates for any speed differential between wheels due to the vehicle turning through corners etc.

    It is also necessary to have a linked front / rear braking system similar to what Honda and BMW use on their motorcycles so that when one brake lever is used, braking pressure is applied to both wheels. 

    An ABS braking system generally would add approximately $2000 to the price of a motorbike,  obviously not possible to fit ABS to a scooter costing less than $2000.

    If Zoot are claiming it has ABS brakes,  then they are in breach of the Trade Practices Act. 

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    What the dealer doesn't want you to know.............................................use at your peril Geeked

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    42kms on the clock and the fuel guage is creeping into red.  This suprised me a lot, so I rang the dealer and queried it.  He explained that scooters don't have a reserve tank so they like to give you plenty of notice that you need to refuel.  He suggested buying a one litre jerry bottle and filling it with reserve fuel and then running it until it ran out to give me a truer indication of fuel economy.  Although when running in it wont be as economical I was told to expect 250k to a tank of fuel.

    This model does come with the top box included.  If I had one complaint about the model it would be that the hinges on the top box and under seat storage are a little loose and sloppy.

    It took me a while to find information on the Zoot scooters because its not really well advertised that they are rebadged baotions.  There are a few chinese scooter forums around that have good reviews on this make of scooter.  An interesting note, if you buy the scoot from Baotian you get a one year warranty, buy it from Zoot Scooters and they give you a 3yr replacement warranty.  Zoot believe in the product enough to extend the manufacturers warranty by two years, and as far as I know its the only replacement warranty.  If you truly do get a lemon you aren't going to have to put up with it being in the shop more than it is in your driveway.

    The remote start is fluff in my opinion, I can't think of a situation where I would use it.  I do, however, like the alarm (although it is recommended not to have the alarm on for more than 8 consecutive hours).  Having set the alarm and then forgotten something in the top box, I have set off the alarm, so I feel confident that I could leave it parked in a shopping centre without fear of someone trying to open it.

    The brakes are looser than what I am used to.  On the 2 stroke 50cc I rode you only ever needed to use the rear brake for general in traffic slowing down, the grab was sufficient to pull you to a stop... I don't know how to describe it on the Zoot, its a gentler brake and in the same distance I could stop with just the use of the rear brake on the previous scoot, on the Zoot I am using the front brake towards the end to come to the final stop.  I don't know if its just a matter of me learning to brake that wee bit earlier, or having been used to one type of braking system and having to relearn another (most likely what it is).

    I am considering de-restriction at the first service, the dealer recommended not doing so before then.

  • 04-07-2008 10:14 AM In reply to

    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    If Zoot are claiming it has ABS brakes,  then they are in breach of the Trade Practices Act. 


    I can't see anywhere on the website where they claim this model has ABS, only that it has dual disc brakes, and at no point did the dealer ever claim that it was fitted with ABS. 

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    You are right. It doesn't mention ABS on the website. It was the guy at the motor show that stated ABS. If i was to get picky i could probably take him to task over this, but thanks to you guys i now have the correct info. Overall the guy i spoke to was very nice, so i'll let him go on this point.

    Thanks for the update Earthcylde. Would love to know just how far you do manage to get on a tank of fuel if you decide to run it till empty.


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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

     With only 42km on the clock, don't expect the brakes to be working to capacity.  From experience, they don't get to good feeling or stopping power until 500-1000km.

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H

    I filled her up today with the fuel needle sitting at the bottom of the red.  I fit in 3.5 litres (her tank is 6.5 litres), so it seems either she likes to give early warning or her fuel guage needs a tweak.  She needs a bit more throttle to start compared to the 2 stroke, given that a 4 stroke only fires every second revolution and a 2 stroke fires every revolution, am I right in assuming that's relatively normal?

    Now if I can just figure out how to deal with the helmet hair!  Big Smile

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    Re: Zoot Deluxe 505 aka Baotian BT50QT-9H


    My scoot went in for her first service today, getting rid of the running in oil and putting in regular oil.  I also got it de-restricted.  I only expected to get maybe another 5kmph from de-restricting it, but she hits 60kmph without too much complaint.  (This model is restricted to 45kmph).  Her sweet spot is at around 55 where I think she could cruise quite happily all day long, at 60 you start to feel a little vibration through the steering which increases the faster you push her (she can do 65).  It's not a scary shake, at no time do I feel insecure, however it is noticeable so I feel I should mention it. I don't know if this is a structural issue, something that could be changed with tire pressure adjustment, or whether a lighter rider would feel it less?

    The only thing in question about this little chinese rocket is longevity... how is she going to hold up to the test of time.  I don't regret for a second my purchase and for those of you living in Adelaide I can't recommend Mark at Zoot highly enough.  He has been there every step of my purchase giving me solid, sound and honest advice.  For under 2k inc orc and a 3yr replacement warranty, I feel I got exceptional value for money. 

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