Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

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  • 06-11-2009 07:05 PM

    Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

     Having trouble deciding which scooter is the best out of these two and any thoughts or reviews greatly appreciated. Both look like they would suit my needs of travelling to work and 2 up on weekends around town.

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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

    If you've researched the scooters to the point where you've narrowed the wishlist down to this point about the only thing you can do is test ride. Personally I would go for the Piaggio every time.

    Check the warranty, the service schedule, cost & availability of spare parts, but most importantly check the dealer's reputations.

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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

     Tough call between these two scooters, they are both great rides.

    The Citycom has a better warranty (in years, not kms), but short service intervals.

    The X7, well only can fault it on a 2 year warranty, not 4 years like the Citycom.

    I think you are going to have to take both out for a ride and do some sums on the Total Cost of Ownership to split it if you believe they are both great rides.

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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

     Yeah thanks for your input, think i will go test drive them this weekend, and i guess i was learning just a little towards the Piaggio x7 because of brand, but then the citcom does have a great review and does have the biggest wheels, not sure which one has the most power though.

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    • Hotwire
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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

     The first 2 things that were important to me were the big 16" wheels and cc size, and then i went from there to choose the brand and features.

    The bigger wheels are great for handling potholes and bumps etc.


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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

    having owned an aprilia sc250 a Piaggio Xevo 400 and now a nexus i would reccommend the sym! ??? wtf you say forgetting the warranty, the sym one is stupid, you have to seriously over service your scoot, compared to most modern bikes these days, the deal is sym parts are easier to come by, the italian stuff can be a pita my brandnew 1000k old sc250 was off the road for over a month on a part that should never fail and was worth 10c yet the scooter was un useable! bits fall off the gilera all the time! and in my opinion the fit and finish of both the xevo and nexus is shithouse, my cygnus-x123 was much better go the citycom thing sorry no spaces, fucking google..... put the spaces in you tight *** ***** also they both have approx the same power, but the SYM has more tq, the specs show it's also heavier.... but you can compare weights on bikes as it's not specified if its dry wet half wet etc... so in reality there wouldnt be more than 10kg between them
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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

    Andrew, you have an issue with no about you put some in your post to make reading a little easier Smile

    That is one long statement without a breath Big Smile

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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

     i was posting via G$$GL$ chrome web browser


    when i post whe using chrome as a we browser it will not allow me spaces, i can press return 100x and nothing!


    i only use chrome when im on the netbook


    now spaces :)

    thanks apple

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    • dozer.
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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

    I too would take the citycom over the piaggio on your list. Why? Well easy, it's the better scooter, and SYM seem to get a thrashing here on the forums for no good reason other than to shiitstir some poor guy named Tym from Sym I've never met. Apparently he's a bloke that works at Scoota Select who's easy to rev up, but that's the only reason this good brand gets a bashing. The Citycom 300 is a brilliant scooter, made by a brilliant company. Some SYM bashers still go and sell the Chinese garbage too... Go figure? Hehe. The X7 is a great scooter too, so ask yourself how many KM you will so on the scooter. If your like me, and they aren't huge (I'm talkin Dakoda Type KM's) then service intervals that are shorter will be a plus, as you'll get the scooter looked at more frequently for faults. Remember, things do go wrong on all scooters, so if your not looking at them yourself (which a lot of dealers hate you doing) then you may ride many km with faults unattended. Go the SYM if your doing small to mid milage I reckon.
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    • Paul
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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7


    I'd lean towards the Sym but have't ridden either of them just on looks alone and reviews of the citycom :)


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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7


    Ok once again thanks for all the response, i was leaning towards the piaggio but after reading what u guys think, i am going to go and have another serious look at the sym. Power was definetly a big issue for me as i will be riding two up around town a lot on weekends, so room is also important for the passenger. And yes i wont be doing a lot of ks, took me 3 years to get 8000 ks on the arriba. And you could very well be right about the bigger wheels, if any of u guys have any other brands in mind let me know too. Will be making my mind up over the next month. By the way I do have a harley davidson as well, but i just love the practibility of the scooter, so much better around town.
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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

    Although they look very similar from afar, the SYM is physically a lot bigger (and I suspect heavier) than the X7. So pro's and con's to both. I don't suspect that the wheel size will make that much difference.  14" vs 16". 

    Both good quality, well made machines, so warranty isn't actually much of an issue.  Spare parts availability generally better for SYM stuff, though much shorter service intervals - though this might not be a problem if you are only doing less than 3,000km a year as I'd then recommend yearly servicing anyway. 

    Ride them both and see for yourself.

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    • baron
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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

    Go for the Sym, quieter engine and transmission, much better highway feel and a nicely engineered and well built bike. Who cares about the oil changes, it takes only a few minutes. The Sym is quite happy off road where the Piaggio is a pig off road. Besides, the Sym is far better value. I also found that the Piaggio front end likes to drift around a bit at top speed. I rode my friend's citicom for about 3 hours around the Gold Coast hinterland and thoroughly enjoyed it. If they made a 500, I'd buy one tomorrow. You're going to really enjoy either of the two but the Italian scoota thing is more a decision of the heart rather than the head.

    good luck




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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7

    I'd go X7 - better engine (at 250+cc's you want a proper oil filter), power to weight ratio, handling & quality.

    I don't stock either of them.

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    Re: Big decision Sym City 300 v Piaggo X7


    The Sym is quite happy off road where the Piaggio is a pig off road.



    Tongue Tied  If you want something for off-road, then don't buy a scooter.  

    But Baron I'm intrigued where you got your off-road experience on an X7 to know how it handles in that environment.  And what you actually mean when you say off-road. 

    I've never ridden a scooter off-road, and as I suspect with many scooter riders, never intend to, so not quite sure what the relevancy of their different handling characteristics in this environment adds to the discussion. 

    But the servicing/oil change frequency is, particularly with respect to maintaining your warranty.



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