Short Comparo; GP800 vs Tmax

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    Short Comparo; GP800 vs Tmax

     Hi there,

    You may remember me from here

    I have just bought a GP800 to after holding out for a bigger Fuoco. Don't think Gilera will be ,making one in the near future, so succumbed to the pressure.........

    Since there are two 500CC scooters in the garage, apart from a few conventional Superbikes, I finally sold my TMax to keep from pushing beloved wife's tolerance level to the limit.

     I have about 30,000miles of TMax over 7 years but less than 1000 miles of GP800 experience.
    My Tmax has an Arrow full exhaust system, a Mallosi variator, braided steel hoses. All else is standard. Its a 2002 model, with 5 less HP, one less front disc,no fuel injection,  and without the ABS fited to the current model.

    My Tmax when it was fitted with a roof.

    My Tmax just before I sold it. I took off the roof and repainted the bike.

    The TMax handled well enough. Even with the roof on scraping mainstands was easy.

    Here's my short comparison impression.

    Low Speed

    The TMax is more agile at lower speeds, possibly due to its lesser weight and shorter wheelbase. While the TMax is more flickable, the GP is not that far behind in that area. Stability at radical lean angles is slight less than the GP, as the GP seems to hold its line better and is more neutral. Once the GP is in a set degree of lean angle, it will track without almost any need for input. The GP is also superior when the tarmac is less than smooth.

    The GP with better stability and superior ground clearance gives confidence to the rider. Even then the centerstand and main stand scrapes, but not as easily as the TMax. Most of the mainstand on my TMax was ground away after seven years of use.

    In traffic the TMax is superior, again due to its lower weight and shorter wheelbase, but that is not something I miss when riding the GP. U Turns are better on the TMax; Tighter turning radius is the reason.

    High Speed.

    This is one area where the GP800 outshines the TMax significantly. Sweepers can be taken at speeds the TMax can only dream of, corners where I normally have to roll the throttle off on the TMax can be taken without doing so on the GP. The TMax feels a lot more 'flighty' on sweeping corners above 150km/h while the GP feels rock solid.

    The GP's adjustable rear suspension also allows a good range of handling feel when set for the right range of rider weight and riding style. The TMax suspension is fixed. The rear axle of the GP is cocentric, and twisting it around will also change the rear ride height, giving more or less ground clearance as well as front fork rake angle. ( I have not tried this yet as I am just getting to know the GP.


    The VTwin of the GP with 800cc gives much more power than that of the 500cc paralle twin of the TMax. So much so that in most cases where I will just twist the TMax throttle to the max on corner exit, I will only do it gently on the GP, as the rear WILL step out, just like a Superbike.

    The feel of power on the GP is very very bike like, the delivery relaxed and effortless, while on the TMax, you will always sense there is a motor between your legs that is working very hard.


    The GP is again better than the TMax in this area. The front brakes offers better feel, a more consistent bite and also fells more controllable.

    Th GP also has a less tendency to 'stand up' and go wide when the front brakes are applied while leaned over. There is also less front end dive. Not much can be said of the rear brakes of both bikes, as they seems equal in bite and feel.

    Storage Space.
    Both are pathetic from a scooter perspective, with the TMax winning out the storage wars. Both cannot keep cokes cool as the compartment gets very warm. The GP is especially bad in this area.


    I can now live without the TMax, and it will be going to its new owner after 7 sterling years of good service, living its life with the throttle on the upper third of its rev range on every ride. I changed the battery and the drive belt once, tyres numerous times, serviced it as per recommended. Only two things were defective; the speedometer pickup at the front axle and the rectifier failed. I can easily say that the reliability of the TMax is just slightly less than a pet rock.

    I will be very happy if my GP can be as reliable.

    Last Words;

    In my opinion, the GP800 trumps the TMax significantly in areas that matters to me, ie, power headroom, handling, brakes, top speed, riding position and controllability. I wish the GP has ABS.........

    While I'd think twice about Touring with mates on STs, RTs, Goldwings, FJRs and the like on the TMax, the GP I know will be able to easily hold the favorite 150-170km/h constant speed favored by these bikes. The TMax will be strung out at those speeds, while the GP still have some headroom in reserve.

    And, probably peculiar to Malaysia, both bikes are priced similarly. When this is taken as a yardstick value, the only reason anyone buys a TMax over the GP here can be due to just seat height/ leg reach to the ground, and possibly suspicion over Italian reliability and after sales support.

    Two days ago I fitted my GP800 with a MIVV full exhaust system.

    Original system

    The Mivv full system. Weight saved is more than 5 kgs

    Cheers From Malaysia.

    ps. Is there a GP800 thread here?

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    Re: Short Comparo; GP800 vs Tmax

     Unfortunately the GP 800 is not available in Australia, if it was I would have one. They have even stopped importing the Nexus 500 leaving the Fuoco 500ie as the only scoot available from Gilera at the moment. Yamaha is talking of the new T-max 750 triple being released next year but who knows when that will materialize, what price it will be or even if we will see it in Australia.

    The GP 800 is certainly a fantastic machine but for the forseeable future we can only dream about it.

    Good luck and enjoy it.

    Per Ardua ad Astra.
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