Vespa GTS performance mods - the results are in!!

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    Re: Vespa GTS performance mods - Dr Pulley Sliders


    Im thinking of putting some Dr Pulley sliders in the GTS, Ive noticed on the Modern Vespa threads the go is either 11g or 13g. Fluffy went with the 11g and reported a slight loss of top speed but better acceleration, Mike Holland suggests the 13g for max effect at 8000rpm. Have I got it right? Any one got any experience with these sliders in the GTS? Dave posted that he had 13g but going to fit trying 9g in his GTS. Pyrah posted that Ozscooters stocked them for their Ozscooters but not sure which ones would fit in the GTS. Any other Aust stockists?.

    Can you get a 12g slider from Dr Pulley?

    Does anyone what size sliders go in the Vespa GTS (not what weight)

    How can you purchase Dr Pulley sliders?


    Hi Pete.  I have the 11g Dr. Pulleys in now.  They are only 0.2g lighter than stock, and they are performing ever so slightly better than stock.  They seem to have a run-in period- for the first few rides they rev higher, then settle down and for the last few thou k's there has been no change (ie, they go slightly harder than stock).  I haven't noticed a reduction in top speed or fuel economy, the trade off for a bit more pep seems to be reduced engine braking, from what i can tell through my sphinchter dynomometer.

    The correct size for GTS (and all quasar engines for that matter) is 20.9 x 17.  These are available at SIP scootershop (in Germany) in 9g, 10g, 11g, 12g, 13g and some others.  I have read that Union Material (Dr. Pulley) will sell direct, but we might need to do a group order.

    From what I understand, Mike has had 10g sliders in the standard variator and was quite happy with this, for a while.  I am going to try this next, or perhaps a mix of 10g & 11g if the revs are too high (this can be done if they are alternately located around the variator).

    I think when I have the lighter weights in, Mike & I will have to have a drag.  For scientific purposes of course!Big Smile


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    Re: Vespa GTS performance mods - Dr Pulley Sliders

    A drag race? Great! But I will need to remove my topbox, floormat and tools first, and lose a bit of weight! 

    Maybe fit a flyscreen for 5kph more speed.


    Actually, I am just running a Polini now, no sliders. Might put them back next time I fiddle with the transmission. I've had a small problem with the belt rubbing on the inside of the transmission cover. Only happens with WOT at top speed.

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