Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

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  • 03-27-2011 10:58 PM

    Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

     When changing any current scooter that I have, I take my pillion passengers comfort into consideration in a serious way. To ride on one's own is a pleasure, but sometimes riding two-up can double the pleasure. However. When it comes to choice, it seems to me that manufacturers have a decidedly different approach to mine. In a nutshell - most of them don't give a toss! There are of course exceptions, but very, very few. Firstly, it is usually a female who is the passenger - agreed? It may be news to engineers but females are not built to the same specifications as males, and the provision of a suitable seat appears to beyond their capabilities. To get the gist of what I am on about, take a look at say, a Honda GoldWing. There is not a shadow of a doubt that the maker considers the passenger not only important but also  - "Is likely to play a leading role in the decision to buy". Not so in the case of scooter manufacturers. Most scooter seats are built like park benches - durable for the short-stay, but comfort? Pleasure? Enticing? I think not! Then of course there is the question of back support, leg support, and cushioning effects etc. No wonder we only very occasionally see a pillion passenger on scooters. Mind you  I don't know where to begin in criticism of large m/cycle seat design. 21st century? I don't believe it. What do you think? Cheers.

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

     Goldwing maybe

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

     Correct again Pyra - Cheers

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

    Frankly, I don't give a toss either. I think two wheels machines are better at being a one-person vehicle and this goes doubly so for scooters which are generally on the small end of a scale. For those who REALLY want to carry a pillion there are specialised models like the Goldwing or large scoots like Burgman... but I think for most makes and models treating a pillion as an afterthought when designing a scooter is fair because that's exactly how the machine will be used.

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

    Big Smile   The more the merrier Big Smile

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

    When I was purchasing my first scooter I took my wife along for confirmation.  I had narrowed my search to two second hand 200cc Aprilias - Sport City and Scarabeo.  My wife looked at the large, comfortable seat on the beo and made the choice accordingly.

    Yep, we do a fair bit of two up riding. Not long touring but day trips.  I find that foot peg quality seems to vary quite a bit from puny metal twig like perches to larger, comfortable ones with rubber covers to stop one's foot slipping off.

    On our way back from Stanthorpe, SharonVespaGirl and I met up with a "senior" couple who were touring on a Spyder.  They had been on the road 2yrs and were still enjoying their explorations.  The woman remarked how comfortable it was on the three wheeler.  So yes, it would seem that two up comfort can be important in selecting a ride.

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

    I reckon for maxis, pillions are probably in the minds of the designers, but not for the smaller sized scoots. I don't much like carrying another person on a Vespa where all the weight's already towards the rear anyway - it's certainly less than fun...

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?


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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

     well i have done in the past a lot of touring mostly on road big brother usually on the back he was at least 25 kilos heavier than me.the seat at the time was a flat seat passenger same height as the rider.It worked well with no complaints from the bro.These days the pillion sit high on the hog so to speak,looks weird i must say.whats wrong with the old way



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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

    the pillion is raised so that the poor soul who didn't get to ride doesn't have to look at the rider's head the whole trip. The VS is an okay 2-up scooter for my 11 year old, but it's not really a 2 adult open-road sort of a proposition.

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    Re: Are pillion passengers an after-thought?

    the gilera nexus i had was one of the best bikes i have ever had for a pillion


    miles better than the 2 harleys and 1800cc suzuki cruiser i had, the DN-01 was ok, but it had a very small load capacity and was exceeded by a fair bit and the rear suspension was far too soft, the xevo400 i had was very good too but i found the nexus to be better, and aside from slightly slower acceleration 80+kg on the back made next to no difference

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