Piaggio Fly 150 (4T Euro 3) Bulb Specs

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    Piaggio Fly 150 (4T Euro 3) Bulb Specs

    Hi All,

    I've been doing some research on what bayonet and bulb types fit the Piaggio Fly 150 (4T Euro 3).


    Brake/Rear Running Light

    - BAW15d 1157



    - BAU15s 1156

    - If you're going to upgrade to LEDs you may need load resistors to reduce the fast flash rate.


    The difference between BAU15s and BA15s



    Dashboard Lights

    - I'm not sure what these are called? But you can buy or make your own:





    Video of: Dash LED Upgrade

    The closest I've come to identifying what the dashboard housing is -

    Below is the packet of the LEDs that best fit the dash socket. I bought them from the website above, when purchasing you'll have to specifiy the exact model as there are differing types of dash LED/globes even though they are 509T.


    Video of: green blinker LED (left) v stock bulb (right)

    Video of: green blinker LEDs both sides



    - 12728 S2 Philips Duplo 12V 35/35W (BA20d socket)

    If you search on eBay there is a wide range of BA20d globes available. I purchased the globe below and it is a lot brighter than stock with a nice white light. The BA20d socket on this globe is slighlty smaller (maybe 1/2 a mil) so you will have to bend the connection points within the socket a little to create a snug fit.

    BA20d Headlight Globe BA20d socket


    Regarding the globe above, it melted the plastic housing, see below. The globe is very bright and makes a big difference but I'm making the readers of this thread aware of the risk.

    Luckily I didn't go for a long ride otherwise the housing may have been melted through. As stated above, the stock bulb is .5mm wider in circumference which may help stop the bulb move around. I think I'll go back to a stock bulb.


    If you want to remain stock, Philips Premium BA20d bulbs are rated at 30% brighter than stock. In Australia Autobarn and Repco sell Philips bulbs.


    Park & Number Plate Light

    - T10 or W5W

    Aerpro sell a great T10 LED for the number plate - 3 x SMD

    You can also change your park light globe to something like this - 5 x SMD


    *Photos courtesy of myself, and


    Hope this helps,



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