Wrecking~ SYM VS 150 SOLD!

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  • 12-27-2011 08:49 PM

    Wrecking~ SYM VS 150 SOLD!

     G'day all, some time ago I bought a SYM VS150 to get the engine to put into my 125. I have done this and am now looking at selling or parting out the 150. The scooter is a 2011, it has been in an accident and is classed as a write off. The damage is right hand front indicator is broken, right hand mirror is missing, plastics are scratched and engine mount bracket is bent and the exhaust heat shield is damaged. The scooter has 1,755 kms showing on the odometer. The 125 engine in it is from a 2008 VS125 with 17,000 kms on odo. The engine runs well and the tyres are obviously near new. The lights all work, head and tail light are good. I will try to include a pic or two, if you would like a pic of any specific part of the scoot, feel free to ask. When I bought this one, I was after the engine and used the "it will be great to have a parts bike" to justify buying it, but unfortunately, sitting there unable to go back on the road irks me, so try to put it to use helping someone who might need some parts.



    Left side

    Right side

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    Re: Wrecking~ SYM VS 150



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    Re: Wrecking~ SYM VS 150

     If available I would be interested in the rear wheel inner mudguard, the plastice one just over the rear tyre. Bit messy to get it off but if still available please advise include approx cost to ship to Perth, not sure where you live?


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    Re: Wrecking~ SYM VS 150

     G'day symbolic, yes everything is still here, it seems nobody wants sym parts. Make an offer and I will take it off tomorrow and get a quote for postage. Can you give me a postcode please?

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