PX pep up

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    Re: PX is now peppy!

    Big Smile Energico Yes

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    Re: PX is now peppy!

    Good update Big Smile  The difference you get with a few choice investments is certainly worthwhile.  Looking forward to hearing more...

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    Re: PX is now peppy!


    Today 50 (2,500km), Montego. Fly (2,500km), Le Grande (7,000km), Vespa PX (200km), Vespa GTS250ie (46,000km), now looking at the world through Ruby coloured glasses on a Vespa GTV300ie Vie Della Moda.
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    Re: PX is now peppy!

     Yep and they both make a stink when first disturbed Big Smile

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    Re: PX is now peppy!


    Hooo - weee! Collected my PX150 ("Blackie") on Saturday mornng and spent much of the day zipping about, mostly two-up.

    It's transformed!


    The SITO Plus / re-jet / hotter plug / freer intake has made a marked improvement to midrange urge, without losing the low-end urge that makes teh PX so tractable.  It would pull through much more quickly to 80kmh two-up on level ground - previously it would lose urge from 70kmh, solo.  Hills are still a big ask above 70kmh two up - but I didn't expect a miracle and I don't really use the PX for fast two up riding ... have the GTS for that (around town).  I feel I've still got the PX character I like, and now even more of it.


    Tyres first. The nice surprise is that the SL26 3.5s are just fine. A reasonable amount of spirited riding saw my "chicken strips" down to about 1cm each side, whereas on the S83s I was skipping on the edge of the tread. Of course, I wasn't about to test the edge of the envelope with Ms Delectable aboard! I should get right to the edge of the SL26s with a bt of solo fun.  More to the point, the stiffer sidewalls and even 'feel' of a good tubeless tyre makes the PX feel more planted to road - it's lost the jittery feel of the tubed S83s. 

    Rear Bitubo shock plus new bushing (firmer - think it's urethane but not 100% sure) has made the back end both more planted and more compliant.  The PX has lost a lot of the "hinge in the middle" feel, and it tracks a lot more predictably through corners where it used to wallow.


    Nice and crisp!  The Sito Plus (plus the better intake flow) has a bit more snap / bite on overrun, and noticeably louder but still not offensive.  Well, It's a lot quieter than the Lammie series II I was riding with!



    thats your best post yet Big Smile

    i cant explain myself im afraid sir, because im not myself you see
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    Re: PX is now peppy!

    What plug did you put in as mine seems to struggle in higher rev range when accelerating hard.  Also,  did you drill the air filter? 

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