Ace Motorcycle

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  • 05-16-2012 09:01 PM

    Ace Motorcycle

     Seen one of these today walking up to the scooter shop thought it was a tiny 50cc 60s Italian job . Turns out to be Chinese Skyteam Ace 125cc about $2000 + on roads looked OK reliability probably a different thing Big Smile



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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

    As long as you don't expect much in terms of quality I think this would be a neat little toy... If it was 2,500 bucks for 125cc, why not? But that sounds a little too good to be true - maybe that was for the 50cc because I think they come in both 50 and 125cc versions?

    I wonder if anyone sells them in NSW? I've seen other Skyteam models sold here under brand name Laro...

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

     125cc $2495 ride away bikesales

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

    I REALLY like the look. Much ( guards, tail lights, suspension tank boots and instruments) are reminiscent of a HOT Yamaha 100 twin that my brother had around '71. Actually, maybe the Chinese have bought the old presses and dies and these ARE Yamaha 70's stock !

    The tank and seat, of course , are full English cafe racer in style.

    Do you see the pic of the guy riding it! This is the full "rear set" position that folks would make back in the day.

    i think it's a scream. If I had a safe place to store it, i'd buy one, repaint the frame and mybe bolt on some kind of chrome cover on the exhaust.

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

    Actually, maybe the Chinese have bought the old presses and dies and these ARE Yamaha 70's stock !

    Honda. These are Honda replicas, not Yamaha... I found this bit of wisdom in a thread on advrider:

    "The engine is indeed a copy of a Honda design, the CG125. It's almost identical except for the addition of a balance shaft which you can see protruding from the front of the engine. The CG125 was designed for use in third world countries where Hondas overhead cam engines were breaking down because of a lack of maintenance. It was never imported to the US but is very popular in many parts of the world."

    ... sounds pretty promising as far as reliability goes.

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

    The engine is indeed a copy of a Honda design, the CG125

    Wikipedia agrees on reliability:

    The CG125 was developed from the CB125 for third world markets. The CB was an overhead cam engine which revved more freely and had slightly more power than the CG125. There were many parts in common between the two - basically just the top end was different. One fault with many Honda OHC engines of that era (generally denoted CB), was that they had a tendency to wear the camshaft bearings if oil changes were skipped. The CG engine was developed specifically to address this problem (amongst others) as Honda realised that riders in developing countries performed little or no preventative maintenance. To make the bike more reliable with minimal servicing, the CG125 uses overhead valves with pushrods, a washable foam air filter, and fully encased chain guard.

    Question is, is this motor a good enough copy of the CG125 ... I'd have my doubts.  I'd also have my doubts about the metal body parts - originals would have been solid gauges of steel (my first bike was a CB125S with the CB series 124cc OHC motor), but I'll bet these are very flimsy and rust off in no time.

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

    Question is, is this motor a good enough copy of the CG125 ...

    Too true! The best design won't help if the engine is built from materials resembling cheese rather than high-grade steel, and assembled by drunk monkeys. But at least it's a start, and the low price could make it almost worth the risk as long as you go into it with low expectations. I think it would be realistic enough to expect this bike to be no worse than Sachs MadAss and though they've been known to have a problem or two, most owners seem pretty happy with their purchase.

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

     My son's learner bike was a 1983 Suzuki GS125. He bought it with a few thousand kilometers as a yard find we cleaned it up and registered it for about $1000 on the road.  I put a modern O ring chain on it and he used it for a year then sold it.  The guy who bought it still rides it commuting and it must have done 50,000 km by now.

    A guy I meet on the road commuting also has a GS125, his is on its third speedo so its done 15 years commuting at 10,000 km a year.  Do the math.

    The Sachs 125 is a copy of the Suzuki and its reputation is poor for reliability and quality, its a pity because the Japanese Suzuki is a great bike.

    If I was looking for a light learner 125 bike I would search out an old Suzuki rather than buy a new 125.

    In my view the best new learner bike in this class is the Honda 250 with ABS, I can't remember its price but it was great value (Chinese made) and hopefully the Honda quality lasts.

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

     The CBR250R with ABS is $6500 OTR in most places & made in Thailand also suspect there also build in India as there getting to be a popular model there as well. The CG125 was the main stay bullet proof learner bike in the UK for years with nearly all the training centers using them . AS for the ACE if i had a games room i would think of sitting one in there Big Smile

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle


    I like your games room idea. Respray a few bits and you'd have a 60's Norton "mini me"  as a display.

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    Re: Ace Motorcycle

     p o s


    yeh id put it in the games room if i was married to the 3 foot tall person riding it

    i cant explain myself im afraid sir, because im not myself you see
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