CDI 5-Pin/TGB r50x tuning Problem

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  • 07-16-2013 04:36 AM

    CDI 5-Pin/TGB r50x tuning Problem

    Hello there fellow scooter drivers.

    I'm in posession of a TGB r50x (European, Norwegian) and I bought an unrestricted CDI for it, but when it got here I noticed the pins were set differently and I have no idea of what or why it is like that, so could someone of you care to enlighten me? Has it something to do with the motor type? And if so, where can I find out what motor I got for it?

    Unrestricted CDI:
    Original CDI: 

    As you see, the pins are set differently, when I use the unrestricted one the bike won't fire at all.

    Problem Nr.2
    So i googled a little after getting the unrestriced CDI which didn't work apparently, and I found out about the ''wedding ring'' restrictor in the tramission? which I opened and got out without doing any harm to the scooter, the first time I took it out it was glorious, the speed restricion was all gone but after a couple of times the restriction apparently reset and it restricts still when the ring it out, why?

    Small sidenote: The brown wire on the CDI had minor damage to it, but we got to patch it up, that's when the restriction reset in problem Nr.2 started, is it related?

    PS: Could anyone of you recommend any other way of making it go faster? I have done nothing to the scooter since I bought it except the removal of the ''wedding ring''

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    Re: CDI 5-Pin/TGB r50x tuning Problem

    Adam at the 'Scooter Shop' on the Gold Coast could help you perhaps with your questions,he is a TGB guru among other things.You can google his shop details or get in touch with him thru here..

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    Re: CDI 5-Pin/TGB r50x tuning Problem

    Thank you, I have sent an e-mail to him and I'm hoping for a reply.

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