I just fell In love with a Honda Helix.

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  • 09-19-2013 02:55 PM

    I just fell In love with a Honda Helix.

    Minding my own business on a Scoppy 49 cc, a Honda helix 250 pulled up beside me and I fell in love. It looks like a lounge chair on wheels.

    But theyre few and far between, none of the local dealers had seen more than one and Honda Australia were no help.

    Anyone here ridden one and can tell me more about them ? Thanks!

  • 09-19-2013 05:34 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

     Hi there welcome Surffoils they where apparently very reliable and went well if not to all persons taste design wise . Most i see now look very rough but still are in use i spotted recently one in Peterborough SA & one in Esperance WA Big Smile

    Link here to free pdf Honda owners hand books if you want to know more about there scooters

  • 09-19-2013 05:54 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    Fantastic reply Pyrah ! I wasn't sure if I'd get any response at all but you've given me some great  info and hope. I saw a Helix / Fusion on Sydney's Northern Beaches where I live, it was white and modified, but it looked so cool , like a chunky Smokey Dawson recliner lounge, it had that unmistakeable 1980's styling of clunky corners and fluted vents. Damn ugly but the 80's were the best years so I'd love to buy one and trick it up.

     I went and called about 10 dealers and no one knows anything about them , but , someone mentioned " import monster" so I googled them and its an Aussie site that import Japanese cars and parts including bike parts but not whole bikes. ( bugger )

     Anyway the Import Monster people say they are trying to organise bike imports soon and I will try to get some more relevant info from them. But rest assured, if they can import one, I'll buy two.

     If anyone knows of another Australian bike import company, please let me know. 

    Initially I was going to get a Sachs madass 50cc scooter because of its Mad Max styling, but I couldn't find one at all.

     Then I had the hots for a postie bike because of the retro styling and bullet proof reputation, but they're not a real scooter.

     And then I saw the Honda Fusion with its 250 cc, total automatic, two up seating and butt ugly street appeal and that its a popular bike in Japan means there will be plenty of spares for years to come.

     Now all Ive got to do is find one or two.

  • 09-19-2013 05:57 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    I see a 250 Spacy around Bendigo on occasion. I'm like you, I want one!! Good luck with your search. Overseas ones were called the Elite in some markets, I think.

    4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
  • 09-19-2013 06:05 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    That's great Wombat, Ive seen the Spacey too but its not quite as ugly as the Helix / Fusion / Elite and I believe the Fusions were also called the Spazio ?? How bizarre is that name ?!

     On the Import Monster site there's a few of them available with 'Buy Now' prices below $1000, then add probably another $1000 for shipping and government bullshite, and maybe another $1000 more because nothing ever goes as smoothly as it should.

    But  at 3 or even 4K, its still in a general ballpark figure for a scooter anyway, and its got great stamina to roll at 100 k and has that kooky street presence. If I work out how to import one, I will let you guys and ladies know too.

  • 09-19-2013 06:30 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    Idea Try Scooter Wreckers as well as braking them they may also have road worthy ones

  • 09-19-2013 06:43 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    Thanks again for good advice Pyrah, I had a look at the Honda scooter manuals but I couldn't find the right one for the Helix, I think the Honda code is CN250 ? But that's only what Ive found on the 'net....

  • 09-20-2013 11:03 AM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

     Ok so I just googled what these things look like....... DAAAAMMMMNNNNN they ugly.  So very 80's.  I do see the street appeal though.  Especially if you could give one a little more go by working it. 

    Started out with a Zip 50. Now moving on to a HD 200. Wonder what's next....?? Not wondering any more.... TMAX!!!!!!
  • 09-20-2013 11:40 AM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    Hahahaha !! O yeah they be damn ugly machines ! But then you see one in the plastic, its got a presence, like a low slung Harley. especially unusual for a scooter when most scoots are upright. If you google more images theres tons of the Japanese modified ones which go a bit too far but each rider has their own taste.

     Ive found another importer of bikes so I will talk more to them and report back here.....

  • 09-20-2013 05:48 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    After talking to a few importers I found

     I only had a quick chat because its Friday afternoon but they'll do it all. The gist of the conversation was that I pay a deposit and then they will source a suitable scooter, looking for the best condition, then I give them the go ahead to ship it and pay some more. When it gets here, they will organise for the duties to be paid, organise the quarantine inspection and organise an engineers report that will say that its road worthy for Australia. And then they will deliver it to my door with all the relevant paperwork so I can register it.

     The bike may need some work to make it road worthy and you can only import bikes made before 1989 because of compliance laws. Typical government drivel that has to be followed.

     I can import another younger bike for spares but if its not for riding it will have to have its frame damaged to ensure its not ridden and circumvents the laws.

    All up for the costs to get the bike to my door,  and don't quote me on this, they said there's the cost of the bike in Japan,

    And then add $2500.

    So the $2500 is for them to find the bike, check its condition, buy it, crate it , ship it, organise all the government paperwork, organise the quarantine, engineers report and deliver it to my door.

    Considering the cost of a second hand 250 scooter I think its a reasonable price. Not cheap, but reasonable indeed.

    And Ive seen the 250 fusions on Japanese eBay from 1000 up to 3000 here...




    The good thing about buying an older model is that it should be cheaper and keep the GST down too.

    Any thoughts folks ?


  • 09-20-2013 06:16 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

     Pity Kuronexo from Tokyo isn't on the site anymore to offer advise but if i where you (isn't that a song) send him an email & with a bit of luck he may be able to give some advise on finding a good one

  • 09-20-2013 07:54 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    Will do, thanks for the tip! 

    I think the hardest thing will be to find a scooter that's 24 years old and still in one piece !

  • 09-27-2013 06:38 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    Well a guy called in response to an ad I put in Gumtree , the bikes a CN250 but of unknown age, generally showing its age, no compliance plate, horns not working, seat damaged and its tired. But it's NSW  registered. He wants 3500 but there's 1000 worth of repairs easily needed to make it presentable.

     What do you think ?

  • 09-30-2013 10:34 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    back 10 years agon when I lived in Tokyo they were quite popular with modders too (all manner of things to accessorize them). If you are willing to hassle around with things then I'm sure there'll be a good supply of parts in Japan too.


    Heaps of old bikes over there are in great condition (well if you ignore tyres, suspension and fork oils) ... so it shouldn't be too hard to get one in good nik!



  • 10-01-2013 07:42 PM In reply to

    Re: I just fell In love with a Honda.

    Found a Yamaha 250, two up, 1999 for $1650

    or go with the 30 year old Honda Helix for $3500

     no contest...

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