Kymco Super 8 125cc

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  • 10-02-2013 05:29 PM

    Kymco Super 8 125cc

    With the prices of fuel and the my son having to struggle to get into Brisbane city to school, I finally convinced the feral child to get on a scooter. Was looking at SYM 125s and 150s but prices were a bit steep and finally settled for a Kymco super 8. Had some initial problem with a crap front tyre that had production imperfection and later the front suspension which Team Moto grudgingly fixed whilst we demanded a courtesy bike (Suzuki GS 500).  We have clocked over 3,000 kms. The scooter is great for inner city riding and so easy to thrown around into corners. I could not believe it when my son swapped scoots (mine's a MaxSym 400i) as he had a long commute and I only had to do 17 kms to work that I realised how much fun these little pocket rockets are.

    Quality of the scooter is as good as it gets for the price. Does about 150 kms on 5 litre tank. Cruise at 70 kms (adjusted - speedo says 80 but we all know better lol)

    Without a shield and in an upright position, you can feel the buffetting, ok, ok I am spoiled!. Engine is dependable and kicks in easily. Like the tyre set up, great for cornering but the side stand is too low and you can scrap gravel and tarmac if you over do the corners.

    Dislike - Side stand is spring loaded and you have to kick it down and hold it down with your left foot to ensure it settles on the ground and the friction holds it in place, Rock the scooter upright and the side stand flips back up! can be un-nerving to trust that you have the side stand pushed down and leaning to your left. If the stand is not down, your scooter will kiss dirt.

    Another ODD thing is that the scooter's lights will go into dim mode if engine is not revved. So at the lights, it can reduced your visibility to others. Don;t understand the idea behind automatic dimming.

    My son hates using the centre stand but its his choice. Its a great scooter and apart from initial issues I am happy with the scooter.

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