what makes a classic?

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    what makes a classic?

    hi all.     whats a classic? is it how old a scooter is? or the age of the scooter and the fact it still runs? or the type of scooter?cause if its the last your classic may not be mine. classic Hmmm

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    Re: what makes a classic?

     Some explanation below but think in USA then its different again . Also we now sometimes refer to some machines as modern classics anything that sells i suppose 

    On various pages, you will see references to veteran, Vintage, etc. These terms vary somewhat in their meaning, depending on who uses them, so for consistency I use the VMCC definitions (or a subset, to be accurate - I don't generally distinguish between Early and Late Vintage).

    Veteran (or Pioneer): pre-1915. There are sub-classes for veteran events, but they needn't concern us here. The VMCC only specify Veteran.

    Early Vintage: 1915 to 1924.
    Late Vintage: 1925 to 1930.
    Post-vintage: 1931 to 1944.
    Post-war: 1945 onwards, but more than 25 years old.

    The odd one is the most commonly-used: Classic. This has no real definition; for some people it covers all of the above, for others it means late post-war (Sixties and Seventies), for insurance companies it can mean more than 15 years old. As far as bike magazines (who use it more than most) are concerned, it generally means "more than 25 years old but not really ancient".

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    Re: what makes a classic?

    Thanks mate not a easy question so thats a pretty  decent answer. Cheers

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    Re: what makes a classic?

     Classic or not ?

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    Re: what makes a classic?

    I would have to say your idear is the same as mine

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    Re: what makes a classic?

    If you are talking about the scooter scene, 'classic' means metal bodied and manual gear box (with a very few exceptions). It's not really to do with the year of manufacture - 21st century LMLs and Vespa PXs are acceptable as they are scooters that have been largely unchanged since the mid-1970s. Mostly Lambrettas and Vespas, although other post-war-to early 1970s European or Japanese scooters are welcome in the scene.

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