Wiring a battery charger on a TMax 530

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    Wiring a battery charger on a TMax 530

    Step 1:Remove these two screws (4mm allen), then remove shiny black panel by easing upwards - there are three slots on either side.

    Step: 2:Remove these four screws (Phillips head) then remove the panel including the drawer giving access to the battery.

    Step 3:Here is the battery exposed.

    Step 4:Cut a hole in the panel to take whatever adaptor you intend to use; I use theC-Tek Comfort adapter which includes a green, amber, and red light to show the state of the battery charge,

    Step5:  If your handiwork is as bad as mine, seal the inside of the fitting.

    Step 6:Remove the battery strap and connect the red wire to the positive terminal. Note that I use a bungy cord to prevent the battery strap from falling into the innards.

    Step 7:Connect the black wire to the negative terminal. Some say to do it in the reverse sequence, but I can never figure out why as long as you are careful to not short the battery.


    Step 8:After tucking the extra wire down the left side of the battery (there is plenty of room), re-assemble the two panels and voila, job done.

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