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  • 12-08-2014 10:28 AM

    Our Sincere SYMPATHIES

    Stuart Bigges from Killarney Vale was seriously injured on his Yamaha Majesty 400 at 1.20 am  Thursday 20th November in a collision near corner of blue Haven Rd and Freeway at Blue Haven

    Stuart has ridden scooters /bikes for 41 years without accident .

    He has7 broken ribs ,punctured lung,,fractured eye socket and loss of memory

    Evidently he was side swiped by a motorist WHO DIDNT SEE HIM

    He is in John Hunter Hospital ICU awaiting removal to a rehab facility closer to his home

    We mention his accident as Stuart has ridden with us and you should all exercise extra caution whilst riding this Xmas holiday period

    If you would like to call  in and say hello to Stuart Im sure he would appreciate it      

    riding for fun
  • 12-11-2014 09:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Our Sincere SYMPATHIES

    Hi Rod,

    Always sad to hear of a fellow rider's accident. Have prayed for him and hope he recovers and eventually gets back on a scoot.

    Ride safe everyone.

    Ride safe.

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  • 01-16-2015 09:51 AM In reply to

    Re: Our Sincere SYMPATHIES

    Our club sent New Year wishes to Stuart and his wife Michelle

    Michelle replied that Stuart was recoveing and starting to get his speech back

    Dont know if we will see him on a scooter again but heres hoping


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  • 02-23-2015 12:32 PM In reply to

    Re: Our Sincere SYMPATHIES

    We wrote to Michelle to see how Stuart was recovering

    This is her reply ------

    Hi Rod.

     Thankyou once again for the email, stuart is doing really well, his balance is still a bit of a problem, but that will al come in time, we have been back up to the hospital last week for a MRI on his right arm ,as he still cannot lift it, so they may think that there is a ligament damage but will know more on the 3rd of march when we go back to the specialist, he seems to be doing a lot more so that takes the presure of me a bit, as it was pretty full on when he first came home, but anyway we are getting there thankgod, he said to say hello to all the boys and to be safe when riding, lol.


    Thanks to you all for your thoughts on stuart, 



    riding for fun
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