Maxsym headlights keep blowing..

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  • 03-29-2015 09:46 AM

    Maxsym headlights keep blowing..

    Hiya's, I have a 2014 Maxsym that for the past 9 months has been blowing one or both headlights.  This has occurred as soon as 20 minutes after replacement or upto after 5 or so weeks.  I have (since March 2014) gone through 7 bulbs so far.  While I can change the righ side bulb by hand, the clip for the left bulb is impossible to remove (it pushes up against the lamp housing); this generally mean going into the shop for the mechs to remove the entire nose cone and bulb housing to access (it is still under warranty..yay!!). The only thing that has been obviously wrong was when the shop found that the left and right headlights had been wired together differently and after consulting the manual rewired them according to the manufacturers specs.  Alas this morning I am back down to 1 headlight.

    Anyone else have any idea's or have had the same problem? 


    Cheers,  Tempest.

    Brand New and very Shiny Maxsym 400

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    Re: Maxsym headlights keep blowing..

    High charge voltage is a likely cause of the problem.

    Make sure you write to the dealer complaining about the repeated failures and their failure to fix the cause of the problems.

    This sort of failure is called a "latent defect" and warranty is only part of your protection. If you document the issue in writing and keep the complaints in writing, you will be able to force the dealer to keep fixing the problem indefinitely. As you aproach the end of warranty, you need to get advice from consumer affairs to get their help with the dealer.

    My guess is there is something wrong with the battery charging system, the wiring or the battery.

    The importer should have an automotive electrician to find the fault.

    A motorbike with no headlights is not roadworthy, you can insist the dealer recover the scooter for warranty repair the next time the globes fail. The additional costs will be an incentive for them to fix your scooter promptly.

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