Going strong with Yuasa

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  • 06-21-2015 01:08 PM

    Going strong with Yuasa

    About six months ago, was finding my bike was getting lazy to turn over on start up, pointing to the battery coming to the end of its life.

    She has lasted many years, and is still the original factory Honda Battery (2007) and yes, Yuasa and the "Made in Japan" model.

    At the time, i priced up a replacement and was startled at the cost of a replacement in the same brand.

    Also, some research pointed to mentions of quality issues with Yuasa's manufactured out of Japan (Taiwan, USA etc).......So, if you can get it, buy the "Made in Japan" model. And this is what i was asking suppliers/dealer here in the Sydney region for info on, with not much assurance as to the place of manufacture.

    Anyway, back to six months ago, i didnt buy but rather was lucky enough to have a staged battery charger that has a rejuivination mode, that pulses the battery desulphinating the cells. It worked, well, for the time being. A bandaid fiw that gave me an extra six months of ride.

    Now i had no choice but to bite the bullet and go buy a replacement.

    I looked at Ebay, and there the market is flooded with cheaper knock offs, and was tempted plenty of times by the reduced price over the Yuasa but then the quality over price won in the end............ and $219 later, come home with a new YTZ14S that...... and i am stoked over this,,,, is the Japanese model



    The battery dealer had the YTZ12S (that originally came with the bike) but said that for the same price, they sell the larger capacity YTZ14S, that has the same cubic dimensions as the smaller which will actually perform better.

    Another good service was that they quizzed me on my use of the bike, i.e, how often I ride as well as for how long. Now with my new job that includes a company vehicle, not as often as I would like was the answer.

    They then recommended I consider a 400Ma trickle charger that, will actually be beneficial to the batteries long term health and will help it achieve a longer life span.

    My original Yuasa gave me around 8 years of service and if the new one can match, or even exceed this with better care, I am all for it…

    Heres a few pics of the install. Whats good about this model, is the quick connect adapter that makes hooking up to the charger a breeze.



    It is a nice sound to once again hear a starter motor turning over the motor nice and fast………………..


    …………….Happy days.



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    Re: Going strong with Yuasa

    Yep Yuasa are good the original on a Honda CBR125r lasted 6 years i used a battery tender on that one when working away . That and fuel stabilizer in the fuel meant that it fired up on the press of the button even when left up to 5 months

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    Re: Going strong with Yuasa

    Yep......Big Smile


    Without a kick starter, you kind of want a battery that you can trust.....

    ....and i was lucky that i didnt let the old one drain down to nothing before i swapped it over with the newwy.



    I love Asian........................Scooters, particully Honda. 1st Scooter, Nss 250 01,,, 2nd Scooter Nss 250X 07...............
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    Re: Going strong with Yuasa

    I think my Yuasa is similar, I replaced the stock one on my Aprilia last year with a YT12B-BS from an online store in Sydney, it has Japanese on it so I think it must be made in Japan too. My old Yuasa lasted about 7 years, I think I let it run down too much and wasn't able to recharge it after running flat so got the new one, mine cost $149 plus $25 delivery and got it the next day. I think that letting the battery run down shortens its life, I'm supposed to disconnect it if left for more than 2 weeks according to my scooter manual, I also got a trickle charger, a small Ctek one for motorbikes I use sometimes to recharge but I can't use the tender because of where I park my scooter. I haven't tried other batteries, some are a lot cheaper it seems but if I take care of this Yuasa, I expect it will last 'til the end of my scooter's life maybe.

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    Re: Going strong with Yuasa

    Anything like $200 would have wrecked my weekly budget.  I searched around and settled for a Redline battery when the original unit in my '08 manufacture Burgman went down the gully earlier this April.  This one, CTX14-BS high performance motorcycle battery, cost me $64.50 delivered to my home.  Amps - 1.4       CCA - 200

    For that money, if it lasts four or five years I'll be satisfied.  One does have to perform a six cell electrolyte dump and charge it up over night, but that's a small inconvenience when considering the saving.

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    Re: Going strong with Yuasa

     Bought this spare battery for the Yamaha SR400 it mounts on it's side and as a massive 2.3 AH capacity was $39.95 including P&P Smile

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