Ignition Conversion Vespa Sport 150, 1960 ish model

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    Ignition Conversion Vespa Sport 150, 1960 ish model

    Hey Everyone out there...

    Curently underway puchasing the above Vespa. Will not be an everyday runner, pretty much just a Summer weekend runner. To make it more relaible, am thinking of converting it to electronic ignition. 1/ Has anyone carried out a conversion?  2/ Where can i purchase a kit preferably a non Asian variety? 3/ Pro's and Cons or suggestions greatly appreciated???...



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    Re: Ignition Conversion Vespa Sport 150, 1960 ish model

    With modern two stroke oils, the original ignition system should be fine.

    Use any JASO FC oil and fouled sparkplugs will be a thing of the past, I use Castrol.

    If anything needs upgrading, then a new NGK spark plug, cap and lead should be enough without risking the conversion to a CDI.

    If the spark from the old system is a bit weak, closing the gap by 30% will lower the stress on the system and keep it reliable. In the old days larger gaps were needed to cope with plug fouling from leaded petrol and thick oils.

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    Re: Ignition Conversion Vespa Sport 150, 1960 ish model

    I hope you can find some easy kit to do the conversion. I converted my Vespa Rally180 to electronic ignition, but just by fitting the components for the Rally200 electronic that came out a few years later. Never had another backfire after that. Conversion is definitely worth while for good, reliable running.

    I also converted my Rally to 12 volt electrics, by fitting two 6v headlight coils in series to power everything. 




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